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Looking for a team to help with xeriscape landscaping or other special projects? U.S. Lawns is well-qualified to care for “garden variety” trees and shrubs, but we can also tackle more complex projects, and provide maintenance for plants that need more specialized care. We have teams across the U.S. with years of experience caring for regional plants, and our collective knowledge is unparalleled. Find a few examples of some of our specialized services below.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Palm trees thrive in areas like the hot, dry regions of the U.S, as well as the southeastern states, California and Florida, and their tropical beauty has made them a favorite commercial landscape element. They come in many varieties, so there’s an option for every landscape design. However, their needs are very different from other ornamental trees because they are so unique. For instance, pruning a palm tree requires expertise: a mistake could seriously damage the tree! They have extremely specific maintenance requirements and need to be tended to carefully from the moment they’re planted.

U.S. Lawns can help you care for the palms on your property and, if you’re in a temperate zone and want to add palms, we know just when to plant and how to nurture young trees.

Xeriscape Landscaping 

Xeriscaping has always been a popular landscaping trend in regions like the southwest that are naturally more dry and arid, but other regions have embraced the practice too. It relies on choosing native plants that are likely to thrive in your landscape without needing as much water as a lawn or non-native flowers might require. Xeriscaping is a great way for commercial properties to maintain a beautiful appearance while also saving money on water bills. 

Visitors to commercial properties with xeriscapes love their regional charm and appreciate the efforts to conserve water. Our crews help clients design, create, and maintain these unique and interesting landscapes. Whether you’re looking to create a small garden or redesign your entire landscape, our experts can simplify the xeriscaping process. 

We Can Take On Your Unique Projects

If you’ve been thinking about landscape enhancements that are outside the box, U.S. Lawns is well equipped to help you turn your plans into reality. Our teams have years of experience working with all manner of grasses and plants, and we know just what it takes to carry out your projects efficiently and sustainably. We can even tackle hardscaping and irrigation jobs.

U.S. Lawns can also help you reach your landscaping goals over time. We’ll review your budget, along with your goals, and help devise a plan for realizing the improvements you want to see. We stand out from other landscapers because we don’t just think about the job at hand – we plan far into the future to help save you time, money, and hassle at every opportunity.

Contact us today to learn more about xeriscape landscaping, palm tree maintenance, or any other special projects you have in mind.

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