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National Brand Power Is Behind Every U.S. Lawns Location

Entrepreneurship is a spirit that motivates many people, including every U.S. Lawns owner. All our locations are independently owned and operated by commercial landscaping professionals who are as committed to their own success as they are to helping you reach your landscaping goals. And the fact is, by being part of our national brand, by having the “power of the network” behind them, our franchise owners are better able to meet the needs of their clients while growing their businesses. It’s a win-win relationship at its very best!

What a National Brand Can do for Local Customer Experience

On the surface, a national franchise brand like U.S. Lawns is a name that people recognize because of its reach and reputation. But in reality, we’re so much more than that. U.S. Lawns is made up of hundreds of small, local business owners who work hard every day to meet the landscaping and lawn care needs of their immediate business community. Their number-one priority is your complete satisfaction, and they’re able to prioritize that thanks to our streamlined operations and our time-tested protocols and procedures that takes a lot of the guesswork out of running their business.

Furthermore, being a member of our national brand family means they benefit from our deep knowledge and vast industry expertise, which they tap into every day to stay on top of best practices and utilize emerging technologies. The power of our national network means you can be sure your local U.S. Lawns professional is utilizing the very best processes and technologies to keep your grounds looking their best!

Relationship Built to Last

From the moment you reach out to your local U.S. Lawns owner, their goal is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them. Why? Because we want to build relationships that last years, not days or months. We want to grow with you, plan with you, anticipate your needs, and see you through, season after season.

This commitment isn’t just our intent; it’s a reality we’ve been able to achieve countless times because we treat each customer, each job, as an important opportunity to forge a long-lasting partnership. We start by evaluating your needs and goals to develop a plan that’s realistic and that respects your budget. Our proprietary technology allows us to generate estimates that are highly accurate and that reflect the unique characteristics of a property. From there and with every visit, we learn the nuances of your landscape, which means when our team visits it to plant spring or summer annuals, nourish your lawn and shrubs for fall, or prepare your turf for winter, we know exactly what’s required. We come prepared to deliver, with the kind of consistency and expertise that are hallmarks of the U.S. Lawns name.

Building customer relationships takes time. We work hard to make sure we have plenty of it.

Stronger. Together.

Our franchisees operate their small businesses very much on their own but with the strength of a corporate team behind them every step of the way. They know they can count on us to help them stay focused on customer service and be ready to adapt to any need. They also know they have each other to turn to. U.S. Lawns franchisees are a network of dedicated business owners who are there for each other with advice and ideas, who get together during our conventions and events to share success stories and happily answer any questions that other franchise owners may have. They know the sum is greater than the parts, and by working together, everyone — including the customer — benefits!

Authorities in Our Industry

The fact is, when you reach out to your local U.S. Lawns commercial landscaping professional, you aren’t just getting their expertise and commitment to a job well done; you’re also getting everything that comes with the U.S. Lawns name. We’re leaders in our industry because we stand behind our franchise owners, making sure they receive training in horticulture, agronomics, quality control, routing and scheduling, and bidding and estimating. Our deep vendor relationships make it easier for our owners to find the best flowers, shrubs, and other landscaping materials they’ll need to keep your property looking its very best.

U.S. Lawns has been building relationships for over 30 years. At the end of the day, every U.S. Lawns professional has a genuine dedication to improving communities and improving lives. It’s a philosophy that can be seen in every property we take care of and every customer relationship we strive to maintain. Let yours be our next one!

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