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If you’ve been struggling to achieve the look you want from your landscape, it might be time to explore irrigation systems for commercial lawns. Many people may be overlooking the irrigation system when they’re planning landscape improvements, but the truth is it’s crucial for plants to have their unique watering needs met so they can really thrive. U.S. Lawns not only helps maintain our clients’ landscapes by mowing and planting, we’re also a one-stop shop for irrigation system maintenance and upgrades.

Why Does Drainage Matter?

You might have an irrigation system that adequately waters all of your plants, but is your drainage system working well too? All irrigation systems for commercial lawns need proper drainage in order to achieve the best results. For one thing, improper drainage can lead to standing water, which can be damaging to the landscape and hardscapes as well. Poor drainage can also create a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes, leading to potential hazards for anyone on your property. Of course, improper drainage can also lead to wasted water that could instead be diverted to other areas of the landscape that need the hydration. In short, maintaining a healthy, long-lived commercial landscape system requires a fully functional drainage system.

Drainage is an Important Part of Irrigation Systems for Commercial Lawns

Many landscapes receive enough water, but not necessarily in the right places. If you feel like you’re spending a fortune watering your landscape but your plants aren’t faring well, call your local U.S. Lawns branch and have our experts take a look. Your drainage system might be preventing water from reaching all the areas of your landscape.

A good solution could be to retrofit or even replace your older irrigation system, which can serve the dual purpose of saving money and preventing improper hydration. Modern “smart” irrigation systems use technology like soil and atmospheric sensors to determine when and where your landscape needs more water. If it’s recently rained, for instance, your system will know that no more water is needed. Older systems that run on timers are unable to make cost-savings determinations like this one. Our experts can help you upgrade your entire system, potentially saving you money on your water bill while supporting conservation efforts and providing your landscape with the irrigation it needs.

U.S. Lawns Can Help

U.S. Lawns owner/operators are experts in irrigation systems for commercial lawns. Our teams can work with you to identify areas in need of improvement on your property. We’ll repair or replace your existing system and work with you to maintain it year-round, helping to minimize damage during the winter months and get it working smoothly in the spring. Best of all, our teams work with clients to select plants that are a great fit for their area and their irrigation system. We’ll help you keep your landscape looking great while working within your budget.

Ready to learn more about how we can improve irrigation systems for commercial lawns? Contact U.S. Lawns today!

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