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U.S. Lawns’ commercial landscaping professionals stand out for lots of reasons. They wear crisp, clean uniforms. They provide services that other landscapers can’t, such as snow and ice management. But most of all, they build lasting relationships with customers and the communities they serve. U.S. Lawns has always worked to achieve 100% customer retention by going above and beyond on every job. Learn from Ken Hutcheson, President of U.S. Lawns, how we handle so much more than turf.

How Does U.S. Lawns Make Things Easier for Customers?

If there’s one thing Ken takes pride in, it’s building strong partnerships with customers – first and foremost, by speaking their language. “We want to get behind the eyes of the customer and think like the customer thinks. If I’m talking to a hotelier, I want to speak the language of a hotelier — not the language of a landscaper.”

Ken and the commercial landscaping professionals that work within the network understand the unique priorities of every customer U.S. Lawns serves. They consider these needs first and foremost, for instance:

  • Helping industrial facilities avoid code violations
  • Making hotel guests feel at home
  • Keeping hospitals accessible

U.S. Lawns crews work to master the language of your business and learn your priorities, creating a custom service package like none other. “We keep their timeline in mind. If they have a board of directors meeting once a week, we’ll make sure they have the reports they need to make them look good.”

Along these lines, Ken explains that U.S. Lawns crews work to “match our communication style to their style,” making it easier than ever for clients to get in touch with their local commercial landscaping professionals. Whether you prefer email, phone, text, or something different, you can contact us at your convenience.

How Does U.S. Lawns Go Beyond Lawn Care?

U.S. Lawns offers a wide range of services, from ornamental tree care to hardscaping and beyond. Ken points out that maintenance services are invaluable because they “help business owners protect their investment.” That said, our crews are able to offer enhancements as well – increasing curb appeal and potentially the value of your business.

Ken explains: “We stay focused on the customer and their needs. Crew leaders are empowered to do whatever they need to do [to help them meet their goals.]”

How Do Local Owner-Operators Benefit Customers?

One of the best reasons to choose U.S. Lawns is that our local owner-operators are invested in the communities they serve. It’s not uncommon for them to meet up with customers at community events, and they take pride in driving by the beautiful landscapes they maintain every day.

Ken points out a further advantage: “Franchisees can be nimble to needs of customers and employees because they’re in the area. For instance, when storms are coming in, franchisees know to have employees working long days to make up for a lost time during the storm.” Likewise, they’re able to quickly respond to customers when unexpected problems arise, cutting out the middlemen that are often part of the process when working with national brands like ours. 

Developing a lasting relationship with your landscaper can come with many perks – ask us for examples of the many times owner-operators have gone out of their way to provide a quick storm response, cultivate a special plant, and provide properties with a little extra TLC.

These are just a few points that demonstrate how our commercial landscaping professionals go above and beyond for customers. Contact us today to learn more about the company values shared by everyone at U.S. Lawns from Ken, to our home office team, to owner-operators and gardeners.

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