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If you’re a property owner or manager, you likely understand that preparing for winter land and landscape maintenance is serious business. Snow, ice, and winter storms create an entirely different set of landscape management challenges and safety concerns. If you haven’t had a steady landscaping partner like U.S. Lawns, you might be spending more money than you have to, and waiting longer than you need to, for vital winter groundskeeping services. Read on to learn more about how U.S. Lawns can help you come up with a better plan.

Preparing for Winter

When it comes to securing the best services for the best price, planning ahead is key. U.S. Lawns doesn’t just scramble into action when winter storms hit – we actually plan ahead up to five years in advance! Of course, we don’t just plan for the winter months. We design a comprehensive plan to keep your greenery thriving in every season and make your land and landscape maintenance strategy effective and affordable.

We help our clients to prepare for winter by getting them into our snow and ice maintenance schedules ahead of time. This helps to ensure that they’ll get the service they need as soon as possible. We also prepare irrigation systems for the cold weather, helping to minimize any damage that might occur. We strategically prune trees, reducing the likelihood that branches will snap off in snow or windstorms, and choose annual plants that will be replaced with fresh seasonal color in the springtime, or perennials that will survive the winter – helping our clients make the most of their land and landscape maintenance budget.

When Winter Hits

Since our clients schedule ahead of time for snow and ice maintenance services, they’re guaranteed to be on our roster. Property managers who wait until the snow arrives, on the other hand, might find themselves waiting longer to receive services – extending the time their property and the people on it are being exposed to unnecessary hazards. Speedy service is key during the winter months when deep snow, slick ice, and fallen tree limbs can cause a variety of issues. U.S. Lawns is capable of dealing with all of this and much more. Furthermore, our clients can rest assured that they’re paying a fair price for the services they need, as opposed to those will pay higher prices to be fit into their provider’s schedule because they waited until the last minute to call. 

After Winter

Once winter passes, our land and landscape maintenance experts are able to get your property into shape for spring as soon as possible. We’ll perform spring startup services to get your irrigation system back up and running to keep your turf and other flora hydrated, lush and green. We’ll also help choose and plant seasonal flowers, and trim ornamental trees, to create an inviting and comfortable space. Of course, the planning never stops, so we’ll have already started preparing to address anything next winter will be bringing to your grounds.

Ready to learn more about the winter land and landscape maintenance U.S. Lawns can provide? Contact us today!

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