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Branding is important for any company. Everything from a logo to a social media presence to employee uniforms reflects your brand, and your building and property are further extensions of it. Commercial lawn maintenance can have a real impact on the way you attract customers, tenants, or guests and can even influence your goals. A quick way to communicate to your customers about who you are as a business is through the landscape.

First Impressions Matter

The first thing people notice when they see your business is the overall appearance, and a bad landscape stands out just as much as a good one. If your apartment complex is riddled with uneven walkways and rotting trees, what does that tell prospective tenants about the inside of the apartments? If your shopping center is covered in dead plants and low hanging trees block sidewalks, do customers want to shop at the stores there? If the lawn at city hall is declining and brown, are people confident in the work going on there?

Simply put, an ugly, declining, overgrown, or potentially dangerous landscape speaks volumes to the outside world. On the other hand, beautifully maintained landscaping is a way to make a great first impression and show your prospective clients, tenants, and customers what you are all about. Keeping your landscape in top shape is key to sending the right message.

Form and Function Meet

A perfect landscape is beautiful and practical, lovely to look at, and easy to use. Form and function meet in landscaping in the same way that they come together in any design, where the appearance of the design is part of its function.

A beautiful landscape is essential in attracting business. Just as importantly, a landscape needs to fit its purpose and be user-friendly. A park is a great example of a landscape’s form and function. You wouldn’t want to take your children to a play area, seating area, or gathering area that looks like no one maintains it because things like overgrown weeds and uneven turf can be hazards. A landscape that looks like it has been maintained well is usually functional and safe as well.

Landscape to Meet Goals

A functional landscape that makes a good impression can help a business meet its goals. Whether you are looking to fill vacancies, increase property value, attract walk-ins, or for any number of other reasons, your grounds need to look clean, safe, and proper. Commercial lawn maintenance can help you achieve that. Smart landscaping can even help you save money on utility bills by shading buildings to keep heat off in the summer months, by using efficient irrigation systems, or by utilizing native plants.

Take Care of Business

Hiring a professional landscaper for all your commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping needs allows you to focus on doing the work that keeps your business running. When you choose U.S. Lawns to service your landscape, we work with you to create a customized plan that meets your goals and communicates your vision. Our experts have the tools and training to not only meet your needs but to exceed your expectations.

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