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Autumn is a busy time for your landscape. It’s important to prepare your turf, trees, shrubs and other plantings to get the most from the dormant season ahead, and there are a number of tasks that need to take place prior to winter.

What is included in fall clean up?

Your commercial landscape maintenance professionals have a complete checklist of tasks to address during the fall clean up process, including:

Basic Fall Clean Up Services

While most everyone appreciates seeing the vibrant hues of crimson, orange and gold, fallen leaves can become a slip hazard in addition to suffocating the turf and creating the perfect environment for fungus and disease to take hold. So, this makes removal of leaves and other organic debris a key fall clean up service.

Fall Lawn Care

Fall is the season to trim and aerate the lawn. Aeration is valuable because it loosens compacted soil and plays a critical role in enabling the roots to get proper nutrients and hydration.

This, too, is the prime time to overseed any turf areas that are sparse or struggling, so they’ll have a better chance of coming back thick and lush in the springtime.

The autumn months are also when preemergent fertilizer is applied to serve the dual purpose of feeding your grass as well as preventing weeds from sprouting in the spring.

Fall Tree and Shrub Care

Fall is the season when certain varieties of trees and shrubs need to be trimmed or pruned. It’s also when mulch beds should be cleaned and refreshed to ensure your trees and shrubs are properly protected, well fed and hydrated throughout the winter season.

Fall Plant Bed Preparation

Additionally, autumn is when your plant beds require a bit of special care: mulch renewed; ornamental grasses and perennials trimmed; spring blooming bulbs planted; and it’s the season to plant autumn blooming annuals like mums, so there’ll be colorful blooms now and when springtime comes.

Irrigation System Winterization Services 

Now for a final recommendation. Even though it is a separate service from the traditional fall clean up services, now is also the time to winterize your irrigation system. This fall service is an absolute must to prevent costly repairs and ensure a successful spring startup.

Trust your commercial landscape to the professionals at U.S. Lawns

Although some fall clean up services can be easily undertaken by anyone, the majority of them really do require the expertise of professional commercial landscapers like U.S. Lawns.

Contact us today and let us take care of your grounds so you can turn your focus to more important business. Your Turf. Our Lawn.

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