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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Phoenix, AZ


Let our experienced Phoenix professionals provide the skills to meet your landscape enhancements needs.

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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Phoenix, AZ

Serving Properties in Phoenix, Laveen, Glendale, Peoria, Tuscano, Chandler, Scottsdale, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Phoenix Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

If you’re seeking ways to make your property’s exterior work harder for your business, U.S. Lawns Phoenix owner-operators Jack and Chris Hallenbeck and the team are available to assist. We specialize in all types of landscape improvements and renovations for commercial properties throughout Maricopa County, Arizona–from correcting landscape drainage problems to beautification projects, to creating public outdoor spaces, we’re fully qualified and equipped to improve your landscape.

Our customer base encompasses Peoria hotels, country clubs in Phoenix, Sun City banks, condominium complexes in Glendale, Laveen Village shopping malls, assisted living facilities in Avondale, St. Johns RV parks, churches in Scottsdale, Tolleson corporate office campuses, and a host of other businesses in the region, and we understand every different company has unique aspirations. We also have long experience in all the ways the landscape be enhanced to make a stronger contribution. So, request your free proposal now, we’re ready to get started.

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Landscape Drainage – If you’re experiencing landscape drainage problems, U.S. Lawns of Phoenix will provide the solution. We can clear blockages and debris from existing landscape drains; install new surface, French or trench drains; build natural rain gardens and dry creek beds to capture runoff; mix an organic medium into the compacted desert soil to improve absorption; and we can change the land’s topography to reroute flowing water if necessary.

Hardscapes – If your aim is to provide a public outdoor space, share your vision with us. We’ll build brick or paver patios with covered tables and a cooling water feature for the day and a warming fireplace for chilly evenings; install natural rock pathways lined with benches that lead to the shelter of a gazebo or pergola; and we can build athletic courts and playgrounds for recreation purposes. Whatever your goals, we’ll transform your grounds to support them.

Seasonal Color & Xeriscapes – One of the most effective ways to elevate curb appeal is with seasonal color. U.S. Lawns will build xeriscapes that lend eye appeal while utilizing native plantings such as succulents and blooming cactuses that are drought tolerant and will thrive in our hot, sunny climate. We can install and maintain flower beds, plant blossoming ornamental trees and shrubs, and we’ll keep everything fresh and vibrant through the seasons.

Mulch – In addition to its aesthetic value, organic mulch serves multiple other important roles in keeping the flora healthy. When applied and maintained properly, mulching serves as an aid for moisture retention, prevents weed germination, regulates the ground temperature underneath it to offer tender roots a respite from the extreme heat, controls erosion, and feeds the soil as it decomposes. Get in touch with U.S. Lawns Phoenix Central to learn about the best mulch options to keep your landscape in optimal health.

Permanent Ground Cover – For areas where pedestrian traffic is too heavy for grass or other plantings, U.S. Lawns Team 281 will install a permanent ground covering like pea gravel or decorative stones, rubber mulch, cedar chips or another attractive, durable material that will be long-lived and easy to maintain.

The possibilities for enhancing your landscape are virtually endless, and U.S. Lawns is ready to do the job right. Even more, we’re here to be your full-service landscape management partner. From turf and tree care to irrigation design, installation, maintenance and repair services, we’ve got your commercial landscaping needs covered. Contact us today to find out more!


Chris Hallenbeck & Jack Hallenbeck

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[email protected]

Chris (shown) and his father, Jack Hallenbeck, purchased the two U.S. Lawns locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ in 2008 from the previous owner, and acquired a third in Chandler in 2015. They have a deep knowledge of the challenges and the successes of landscaping in Arizona’s unique climate and how the weather patterns here can affect timing, and what to do to keep

landscaping looking its best. They believe in training their team, and their employee retention speaks for itself, which in turn results in a long list of customers who have chosen to stay with them for 10 years or more. Curb appeal and beautifying properties comes natural to Chris and Jack; and so does the great customer relationships they’ve fostered over the years.


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