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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Jacksonville, FL


Let our experienced Jacksonville professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Properties in Jacksonville, San Marco, South​ Side, St. Johns, Fruit Cove, Baymeadows, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

Greg Brockman and the commercial landscape improvement specialists of U.S. Lawns Jacksonville Bay Meadows are experienced with enhancing our customers’ landscapes so they’re making the right first impression every time.

If your primary objective is to attract lodgers, tenants or residents to a Jacksonville business center or hotel, create a soothing outside getaway for a retirement community in Fruit Cove, beautify the grounds of a Saint Johns health care facility, a Nocatee park or a condominium complex in Ponte Vedra Beach, or you’re seeking other ways to make your commercial landscape located in Saint Johns County or Duval County, Florida work harder for you, get in touch with the landscape renovation pros of U.S. Lawns Team 149.

From smoothing out rough terrain and correcting landscape drainage problems to increasing curb appeal and raising property values, you can trust the experts of U.S. Lawns with all your landscape enhancement projects.

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Seasonal Color – A favorite landscape improvement among our crew members as well as our customers, seasonal color is a powerful and effective way to appeal to your audience and represent your brand. U.S. Lawns Jacksonville Bay Meadows can build new flower beds and maintain existing flower beds; we’ll plant blooming shrubs and ornamental trees; and we can utilize strategically placed planters filled with tropical plants and colorful grasses–all regularly refreshed to keep your property’s exterior eye-pleasing all year round.

Mulch – Aiding with hydration, controlling erosion and weed germination, regulating soil temperature and providing vital nutrients are all benefits offered by wood mulch, and this doesn’t include the fact that it’s visually pleasing too! The great part about having U.S. Lawns handle your mulching needs, is that we’ll do the heavy work and do it right every time, so all you’ll have left to do is appreciate the view.

Permanent Ground Cover – For a more permanent solution than turf for those high-traffic areas, U.S. Lawns will install a lasting and low maintenance material like pea gravel or another decorative stone, cedar chips, or rubber mulch. Show us where your challenges are, and we’ll find a ground covering that holds up and looks good, too.

Landscape Drainage Solutions – where standing water or heavy runoff are creating issues, U.S. Lawns can install channel, surface and French drains or clear existing landscape drains of clogs; build dry creek beds or a natural rain garden; change the topography of the land; and mix organic matter or sand into the soil to increase its ability to absorb water–regardless of your landscape drainage issues, we’ll find the best ways to correct them.

Hardscapes – If your aim is to make your property an in-demand destination, U.S. Lawns can help. We can build athletic areas and playgrounds, paver pathways lined with benches that lead to a gazebo, a pergola, or a soothing water feature; install a brick or flagstone patio with covered tables and perhaps an outdoor fireplace, or create any other hardscape feature you need for that perfect outdoor public space. Share your goals and we’ll transform your grounds to help you achieve them.

The best part about partnering with a team of landscape improvement professionals like U.S. Lawns Jacksonville Bay Meadows, is that we are your complete landscape management partner as well as a true business friend. We’re on a mission to help you use your property’s exterior to achieve greater success, so we’re available with a full suite of landscaping services from basic lawn care to performing irrigation design, installation, maintenance and repairs. Discover all the ways we can make your job a whole lot easier when you contact us today!


Greg Brockman

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