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Commercial Xeriscape Landscaping Services

Xeriscaping in Orlando, Florida

Xeriscape landscaping is an invaluable solution in regions where water conservation is a concern. While it can take a lot of water to keep a lawn lush, green, and healthy, a xeriscape made of low water requirement plants is beautiful as well as inviting while being less demanding on precious resources. Who can benefit from commercial xeriscape landscaping?

  • Commercial properties located in areas with strict water conservation measures
  • Communities that are simply trying to conserve water, and care for the environment
  • Businesses that use xeriscape landscaping to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability

While we’re famous for the work we do with lawns, we’re experts in so much more than grass at U.S. Lawns of Orlando. Read on to learn more about how we create and maintain beautiful xeriscape landscape designs for our customers.

A Growing Trend

It’s easy to understand why xeriscaping is growing in popularity. While lawns have traditionally been a symbol of the American Dream, they are more difficult to maintain in some regions than others. In dry regions, like parts of the American Midwest and Southwest, rainfalls can be few and far between, so property owners must invest more on irrigation to keep their lawns lush. However, long droughts have been making it difficult to give lawns the water they need in regions like these, so commercial property managers and residents alike have been coming up with creative solutions for their landscapes, resulting in xeriscape garden design.

Xeriscaping uses elements like native plant species, rocks, and other ground cover to create beautiful landscapes that can thrive with fewer resources. While many commercial properties in dry regions have found a good balance that allows them to keep their lawns healthy, others love that xeriscaping lets them create a more unique space that highlights the natural beauty of their region.

Conserving water and creating a unique landscape that’s unlike anyone else’s — what’s not to love? It’s clear that this trend isn’t going anywhere, which is why demand for U.S. Lawns’ of Orlando xeriscape landscape design services continues to increase.

Expert Xeriscape Garden Design Services

U.S. Lawns stands out from other grounds management professionals for many reasons. We’ve spent more than 30 years building a strong, nationwide network of landscapers, suppliers, nurseries, and other industry groups. This is great news for commercial property owners or managers who want to integrate xeriscape garden design into their property.

Your local U.S. Lawns Orlando teams are experts on the native species that will thrive naturally on your property. We’ll work with you to identify a selection of plants and ground cover to choose from. Then, we’ll partner with our connections in the industry to find you just the right plants for a great price. We’ll also plant them at just the right time, and develop a customized care plan to keep your xeriscape thriving.

Because the purpose of xeriscaping is to use less water, many of our customers find that making the switch actually helps to save them money in the long run. Best of all, because our teams are so knowledgeable, all of this can be accomplished with little hassle to property managers.

Once your xeriscape is in place, we think you’ll be amazed at the curb appeal it adds to your business. Potential customers are drawn to xeriscapes because they stand out, and your community will love that you’re doing your part to conserve shared resources.

U.S. Lawns of Orlando can help you develop a unique xeriscape landscape design that showcases the native plants of your region while conserving precious resources. Contact us today to get started.

Our lawn sprinkler system repair and maintenance services are more ways we care for the total health of your landscape. Contact U.S. Lawns of Orlando today to learn more about how we can help you improve your property.

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