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Serving in ​SC: Monetta, Ridge Spring, Salley, Springfield, Wagener, Aiken, Graniteville, Jackson, North Augusta, Beech Island, and Windsor; in GA: Appling, Blythe, Evans, Grovetown, Harlem, Hephzibah, and Augusta.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Augusta

Nicknamed “The Garden City,” Augusta is Georgia’s second largest metropolis. Augusta is home to a number of government and cultural institutions such as the National Cyber Security headquarters in Fort Gordon, and the Augusta National Golf Club. The city is a regional leader in the fields of medicine, biotechnology, and cyber security.

Augusta has a rich history that predates its settlement by Noble Jones. Native Americans inhabited the area prior to the arrival of the Europeans, and used the area that is now known as Augusta as a place to cross the Savannah River. Over time, the city became an important crossroads for trade and culture, which gave birth to multiple buildings of historic significance.

In recent years, Augusta has become well-known for hosting The Masters, an internationally-acclaimed golf tournament that draws some of the best professional and amateur golfers to the city. The Masters also helps the city’s economy, with the tournament creating job opportunities for thousands of people.

With all of these high-caliber organizations and culturally-important buildings in one city, it’s important for commercial establishments to project respectability through their properties frontage. Our commercial landscaping services in Augusta ensure that your lawn is lush, verdant, and maintained to a high degree of professionalism.

Commercial Lawn Care in Aiken, SC

Located just 20 miles from Augusta is the city of Aiken in South Carolina. Aiken is well-known as a center for steeplechase and flat racing horse races, earning it the nickname “The Thoroughbred.”

Aiken is also home to numerous museums that depict southern history and culture. The Aiken Visitors Center and Train Museum, for instance, honors the contributions of the railroad industry to the city during the 19th century.

Because Aiken maintains an air of cultural and historical importance, it’s only fitting that commercial establishments in the city mirror this with pristine lawns and kempt grounds. Our commercial lawn care services in Aiken, South Carolina provides commercial establishments with reliable and professional grounds keeping that will keep your lawns looking elegant all-year round.

Why Work With U.S. Lawns?

As one of the leading providers of lawn care and grounds care in the country, U.S. Lawns has a variety of services that gives our commercial clients the right solution for their unique issues.

Our commercial services in Georgia extend to clients in the Augusta-Richmond county, the cities of Blythe, Grovetown, Harlem, and Hephzibah, and the communities of Appling and Evans.

Meanwhile, our South Carolina clients in Monetta, Ridge Spring, Salley, Springfield, Wagener, Aiken, Graniteville, Jackson, North Augusta, Beech Island, and Windsor, along with our North Carolina clients in Oakboro, can enlist our commercial services, as well.
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