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Commercial Snow Removal Services in New Albany, IN


Let our experienced New Albany professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in New Albany, IN

Serving Properties in New Albany, Corydon, Galena, Milltown, Blackiston Mill, Georgetown, Elizabeth, Maukport, Palmyra, Fredericksburg, St. Joseph, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

When the wintry precipitation starts accumulating, you need a qualified, dependable team of snow removal and ice management specialists. Fortunately, you can rely on the expertise of local U.S. Lawns owner-operator Jerry Kincaid and the rest of the team to keep your business moving during inclement weather with their commercial snow removal services.

Whether you’re overseeing the grounds of a retail establishment in Central, a New Salisbury apartment complex, a hotel or manufacturing plant in Corydon, a Greenville professional building, a restaurant in Galena, or any other commercial property in Harrison, Clark or Floyd counties of Indiana, request a free proposal for snow plowing and ice services from U.S. Lawns of New Albany now.

Then, when the snow, freezing rain or icy conditions are on the horizon, you can rest easy in knowing that we’ll be there pushing and shoveling snow and applying ice treatments when necessary to keep sidewalks and parking lots accessible, while you continue your daily routine.

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Winter Storm Response – At U.S. Lawns of New Albany, we’re dedicated to being fully responsive to every single customer. While this includes the more obvious actions like monitoring the winter weather forecast 24/7 so we can be ready to respond; making sure we’re there promptly to remove downed tree branches and other debris left behind by a winter storm; and staying on top of the snowplowing and ice treatment applications throughout the season, it all begins with advanced planning. The advantages of early planning are multiple, including:

  • We are able to ensure every customer is on our schedule, so you’re assured you’ll see us on your property before you can even think to pick up the phone.
  • We have the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your grounds, which means we’ll be able to:
    • Have the supplies, trained team members and proper equipment in place to service each unique property at the highest level.
    • Designate the best draining and out-of-the-way locations to pile snow until it can melt off.
    • Map out landscape features at risk of damage by snowplows once it has been concealed under the snowfall, so we can avoid those features when we’re pushing snow.
    • Ensure trees and shrubs have been trimmed and pruned during the proper season so they’ll be better prepared to hold up under the stress of high winds and more easily support heavy snow and ice without breaking.

Ice Treatments – When icy conditions are imminent, U.S. Lawns will be there pretreating paved surfaces to prevent the ice from building up, and if the ice does accumulate, you can depend on us to be on the job. Some of the ice treatment products we may utilize are:

  • Liquid Deicers – Used as the first line of defense to prevent ice from forming on the concrete, liquid deicers are also useful for melting thin ice glazing.
  • Sand – Which, while not a melting agent, does significantly aid with increased traction.
  • Ice Melts – Ice melts can be in granular or pellet form and are made for deeper penetration, making them more effective at melting thicker layers of frozen precipitation from the pavement.

Snowplowing & Snow Shoveling – When the snow starts accumulating, you can count on U.S. Lawns Team 402 to act with urgency. We’ll be on your property with the snowplows, pushing snow from parking areas, streets and driveways, and you’ll also see our uniformed crew members shoveling snow from walkways and exterior stairways, so people can continue to come and go with minimal disruption.

We understand just how important it is to have the ability to “do business as usual” all throughout the year, and we’ve made it our mission to keep your landscape making its greatest possible contribution in every season.

For this reason, we specialize in everything from mowing and weeding to irrigation installation, repair and maintenance services, to making all types of landscape improvements and of course, snow removal services. So, if you’re ready for a landscaping partner that will keep your property beautiful and accessible and free you up to focus on everything else with confidence all year round, contact U.S. Lawns New Albany today!


Jerry Kincaid

[email protected]

I’ve been in the grounds care industry since 1989, and joined U.S. Lawns in 2012, so this isn’t just a job or my business - it’s my passion. I believe in open communication and building strong connections with our customers.

I start with answering my phone and email, something that is getting to be far too rare. I stay in touch with my customers so that they can be confident they are getting a level of service that makes their job of managing properties easier. Customer retention and employee retention is a high priority for us. And we are committed to giving back to our community, helping out churches and youth organizations in our area. When I’m not working, which is not very often, I enjoy traveling with my wife and family, going to off-road UTV parks, or just relaxing at a resort.


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