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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Florence, KY


Let our experienced Florence professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Florence, KY

Serving Properties in Florence, Boone County, Campbell County, Kenton County, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Florence Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

As a local business owner, Ryan Kirkham has first-hand experience with the challenges of continuing operations when winter storms create treacherous conditions. This is the reason U.S. Lawns of Florence specializes in providing snowplowing and ice treatment services for commercial properties throughout the Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton.

If you need to secure snow removal services for a corporate office building in Cold Spring, a Newport hotel, a medical clinic in Independence, a Wilder manufacturer, a business park in Fort Mitchell, a Burlington apartment complex, a retail store in Alexandria, a Florence warehouse or any other commercial property in the area, you can count on the snow and ice management pros of U.S. Lawns Team 507.

In fact, with four regional U.S. Lawns locations, we’re fully qualified and equipped to keep your property accessible no matter what the winter storms bring, so get on our schedule right away!

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Services Included In Our Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

Snowplowing & Shoveling – When the snow starts to accumulate, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll see U.S. Lawns of Florence snowplows pushing snow from parking lots, driveways and roads, and you’ll also spot our uniformed crew members with snow shovels in hand, shoveling snow from walkways and exterior steps.

Ice Treatments – If ice is the predominant issue, leave it to U.S. Lawns Team 507. We’ll pretreat concrete surfaces when conditions demand it and we’ll be back to apply ice melts as necessary. Some of the products we may utilize are:

  • Ice Melts – Which can be in the form of pellets or granules and are made to penetrate deeply and melt thicker ice layers.
  • Liquid Deicers – Which are used as a pretreatment as well as for melting thin ice glazing from the pavement.
  • Sand – Which, while not a melting agent, sand does aid with traction until the ice treatments can effectively do their work.

Winter Storm Response – U.S. Lawns Florence is dedicated to serving our customers at the highest level and we’re consistently successful in this endeavor because of our responsiveness. To us, this means more than simply monitoring the weather forecast 24/7 with the latest technology, which we most certainly do; and while it does include taking care of downed tree limbs and other storm debris to minimize hazards and keep your property neat and tidy, our winter storm response process offers multiple benefits to our customers, because we start preparing months ahead of time. This is advantageous because:

  • You’re assured of a priority position on the winter services schedule, and you won’t even need to call us, because we’ll be there whenever the freezing precipitation is.
  • Because of our early planning, we can make certain we have the staff, supplies and equipment in place to effectively take care of every commercial property we serve all winter long.
  • We have the opportunity to make sure all the trees and shrubs are properly pruned and trimmed at the right time of the year, which keeps them in optimal health and gives them the best chance of withstanding the added stress of strong winds and accumulated snow and ice.
  • We’re able to familiarize ourselves with the location of hardscape and softscape elements that we’ll need to avoid with snowplows and ice treatment applications.
  • We can more easily designate the best locations for piling snow so it will be as unobstructive as possible and also have proper drainage when it starts melting.

You can depend on U.S. Lawns Florence to keep your property drivable and traversable during the snowstorms and icing events all through the winter. Even more, you can entrust the complete management of your commercial landscape to us, because we’re your all-season landscaping partner. We’ll mow the grass, keep the plants and trees healthy and beautiful, take care of the landscape enhancements and we’re specialists in commercial irrigation services too. Contact us today so we can get started!


Ryan Kirkham

[email protected]

Ryan Kirkham started a residential landscape maintenance company in Columbus when he was 16. As he gained more experience, he decided to expand his expertise and learn more about servicing commercial clients.

At the age of 20, Ryan sold his business and moved to Cincinnati, where he joined U.S. Lawns and continues to grow his commercial landscape maintenance business. A strong believer in people, process and product, for Ryan it’s all about bringing in the right people, and providing them with the tools to grow within the organization. His focus is to help his employees establish goals and a future, whether their long-term goal is to remain on Ryan’s team or not, and his philosophy proves successful every day through his client satisfaction and retention. “We have a proven process, by investing in people we can guarantee a great product.”



We serve businesses in the following zip codes:

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