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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in Livonia, MI


Let our experienced Livonia professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Properties in Livonia, Dearborn, Detroit, Southgate, Romulus, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Irrigation Design, Maintenance & Repair Specialists

Since 2009, Ron Howe and the team of U.S. Lawns Livonia have been providing our expert irrigation services to commercial property owners and managers throughout the Michigan counties of Monroe, Oakland and Wayne.

With our local roots, we have a strong familiarity with regional weather and climate conditions, and their influence on softscapes. We’re also knowledgeable in the hydration needs of the flora. We understand that overwatering can lead to turf disease, fungal infections and ultimately the need to replace sod, trees and other plantings; and too little water can be just as costly.

Fortunately, our customers know they can rely on us to stay on top of their water management needs, whether they’re using a drip irrigation system, a spray irrigation system or even one of the less common watering methods to keep their commercial landscapes hydrated, and so can you. Request a free proposal to get started today.

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Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs – Maintaining your irrigation system on a regular basis is critical to proper functionality. You can count on U.S. Lawns to be on your property like clockwork, performing routine inspections of your irrigation system to:

  • Adjust sprinkler heads so they’re watering the greenery instead of the streets and sidewalks.
  • Keep your system programmed to work in harmony with seasonal conditions–watering at the appropriate times and for the right duration to ensure your softscape is getting the hydration it needs.
  • Make any necessary repairs to keep your irrigation system efficiently performing.

New Irrigation System Installations – If your property needs a new irrigation system, U.S. Lawns will work with you to design a smart watering system tailored to water your landscape effectively now and well into the future. We’ll install it with minimal disruption and then we’ll be back with regularly scheduled maintenance services to keep it flowing smoothly season after season.

Irrigation System Upgrades – If it’s just an upgrade you need, the irrigation pros of U.S. Lawns Team 330 have it covered. We’ll replace outdated sprinklers, valves and other worn components to increase efficiencies, update your system and make it deliver like it should be.

Seasonal Irrigation Shutdown & Startup – With the frigid winters we experience here in the Midwest, protecting your irrigation system is crucial. U.S. Lawns of Livonia, Michigan will arrive with our winter shutdown services ahead of the first freeze, ensuring your irrigation system is properly drained and winterized to get through the chill of wintertime. Once the risk has passed, we’ll return to perform our spring startup services to get your system up and running properly for the growing season.

The best part about having a team of irrigation specialists like U.S. Lawns is that we’re also here to be your full-service landscape services providers. We’ll take care of the lawn, trees, landscape improvements, along with doing the snowplowing, shoveling and application of ice treatments too.

So, if you’re overseeing the grounds of a professional building in Carleton, a Farmington apartment complex, a retail store in Belleville, a manufacturer in Canton Township or a self-storage facility in Wyandotte, a Flat Rock financial institution, a retirement community in Dearborn, an automobile dealership in Hamtramck, a motel in Inkster, a Riverview city park or a house of worship in Wayne, a business center in Taylor, a Westland salon or any other type of commercial property, trust your landscape to U.S. Lawns Livonia. Contact us today to learn more!


Ron Howe

[email protected]

Ron Howe has been a franchise owner with U.S. Lawns since 2009, serving businesses in the Greater Detroit area. He resides in Southgate, where he runs his business and enjoys flying planes in his spare time.


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