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Commercial Irrigation Maintenance in Hattiesburg, MS


Let our experienced Hattiesburg professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Properties in Hattiesburg, Sumrall, Bellevue, Wells Town, Purvis, Lumberton, Fruitland Park, Petal, and the Surrounding Communities


Although our subtropical climate brings rain an average of 107 days out of the year, maintaining a healthy, beautiful landscape still requires effective water management. The good news is that you can leave all your irrigation needs in the expert hands of U.S. Lawns of Hattiesburg.

Locally owned and operated by Justin Holifield, U.S. Lawns Team 323 knows how much water our regional flora needs to remain at optimum health; and we’re well-versed in both drip irrigation systems and spray irrigation systems. So, you can depend on our specialized knowledge to keep your lawn sprinkler system delivering just the right amount of hydration season after season.

If you’re responsible for the grounds of a convenience store in Lumberton, a Purvis apartment building, a nursing home in Hattiesburg, a Sumrall municipal property, a hotel in Columbia, or any other commercial real estate in the area, request your free proposal for irrigation services today.

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U.S. Lawns – Hattiesburg
Team 323
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New Irrigation Systems – whether your landscape is well established or newly installed, U.S. Lawns of Hattiesburg can design an irrigation system that is tailored to meet the unique demands of your landscape. We’ll help you plan for future landscape improvements as well as the evolving hydration requirements of maturing shrubs, trees, and plants. Our expert team will build your new irrigation system, so it has the capacity to be upgraded as necessary, assuring you the most out of your investment.

 Irrigation System Upgrades – U.S. Lawns Team 323 can perform all kinds of irrigation upgrades–we’ll install rain sensors to work in cooperation with the weather, and smart controllers that can automatically adjust the watering schedule based on the seasonal hydration requirements of the softscape. We can also add new water zones to accommodate landscape enhancements as well as turf expansions, and we’ll replace outdated or poorly functioning sprinkler heads, backflow valves, drip emitters, along with other components of your irrigation system, in order to bring it up to date and improve its functionality.

 Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs – maintaining your irrigation system is critical to its longevity and efficiency. When you include irrigation maintenance in your annual landscaping contract with U.S. Lawns of Hattiesburg, you will quickly become accustomed to seeing our uniformed water management experts on your grounds–inspecting your irrigation system, making adjustments, as well as minor repairs before they have an opportunity to lead to major issues, along with keeping sprinkler heads properly calibrated, and ensuring that your irrigation system is operating the way it should be. We’ll also respond immediately to make repairs in the case of a broken pipe, sticking valve, or any other landscape watering crisis.

 Seasonal Irrigation Services – in addition to regular irrigation maintenance, U.S. Lawns will also perform special servicing to prevent mineral buildup and organic debris from creating blockages in lines, drip emitters, sprinklers and other components. We’ll also perform winter irrigation shutdown and spring irrigation startup services when necessary.

With U.S. Lawns of Hattiesburg as your lawn sprinkler system contractor, you won’t have to give it a second thought, because we’ll attend to every detail. As a matter of fact, if you’re managing a commercial property in the Mississippi counties of Covington, Forrest, Jones, Lamar, Marion, or Stone and would like to have a single resource for all of your landscape management services, U.S. Lawns of Hattiesburg is the team for the job. We’ll take care of the mowing, weeding, lawn aeration, debris removal, pruning, trimming, plant health services, as well as irrigation services, and we’re also qualified to perform landscape renovations of all types. Contact us today to find out more!


Justin Holifield

[email protected]

Justin Holifield holds a degree in Landscape Management and is a certified irrigation specialist. He is licensed by the State of Mississippi, bonded, and fully insured. Justin purchased the Hattiesburg/Lamar county U.S Lawns franchise in 2010.

Since then, the company has grown from one truck and two employees to currently running eight trucks and employing 26 full-time employees. The company offers year-round landscape management services as well as installing sod, irrigation systems, new landscaping or completely refurbishing older, existing sites.

The company has reached several milestones within the U.S. Lawns systems including twice receiving the Brand Leadership Award and several awards for community involvement. U.S. Lawns in Hattiesburg takes full advantage of our national brand purchasing power when buying new, top-of-the line equipment to better serve our customers. The savings realized enables the company to pass along the best prices possible when quoting new jobs.


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Shea Shoemaker Gibson
By far the best service EVER!! The guys do a tremendous job and they always make my yard look so dreamy! Will always use U.S. Lawns!! �

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