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Commercial ​Irrigation Maintenance In Reidsville, NC


Let our experienced Reidsville professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Commercial ​Irrigation Maintenance In Reidsville, NC

Serving Properties in Reidsville, Hurt, Oak Level, Bassett, Henry, Philpott, Sanville, Spencer, Ayersville, Mayodan, Stony Creek, Prospect Hill, Frogsboro, Leasburg, Osmond, Semora, Milton, Horsepasture, Ridgeway, Fairview, Eden, Wentworth, Sandy Level, Cascade, Stanleytown, Collinsville, Fieldale, Martinsville, Laurel Park, Chatmoss, Danville, Whitfield, Chatham & Yanceyville

Your Irrigation Design, Maintenance & Repair Specialists

Every member of U.S. Lawns Reidsville is devoted to keeping each commercial landscape we manage lush and verdant. Since we understand the importance of proper hydration, irrigation is one of our specialties. From spray irrigation systems to drip irrigation systems and lesser utilized landscape watering systems as well, we’re proficient in the full suite of commercial irrigation design, installation, upgrade, repair and maintenance services.

Additionally, owner-operator Todd Ore and Colton Ore and U.S. Lawns Team 677 are all well-versed in the differing water management needs of our customers. So, you can trust that we know what we’re doing when it comes to watering your landscape properly too. Request your free proposal now.

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U.S. Lawns – Reidsville
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Services Included In Our Irrigation Management Contracts

New Irrigation Installations – Whether for a new construction project or an established landscape, U.S. Lawns Team 677 in Reidsville will install an irrigation system designed to accommodate the requirements of your softscape. We’ll plan ahead with you to make certain your new irrigation system will have the capacity to meet the demands of maturing flora and can be easily upgraded for upcoming landscape enhancements, giving you the most out of your investment.

Irrigation System Upgrades – U.S. Lawns can upgrade your existing irrigation system by replacing outdated drip emitters and lines, worn sprinkler heads, and other parts to improve functionality. We can also retrofit rain sensors and smart controllers, so your irrigation system is working in cooperation with the weather and seasonal hydration needs, and we’ll add new watering zones when needed, to give your irrigation a whole new lease on life.

Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs – You can count on the irrigation experts of U.S. Lawns Reidsville to keep your irrigation system operating at peak performance when you include routine maintenance services in your landscape management plan. Our uniformed professionals will make regularly scheduled visits to your property to inspect your irrigation system. We’ll calibrate sprinkler heads, ensure there is no buildup of minerals or other debris clogging up the works, and we’ll perform repairs as needed to prevent any major issues from occurring – and when a line break or sticking valve does happen, we’ll take action with haste to get your irrigation system back up and flowing properly again.

Seasonal Irrigation Shutdown & Startup – To protect your irrigation system from damage during the frigid temperatures, U.S. Lawns will perform our winter shutdown services. We’ll drain your irrigation system of water, blow any excess moisture out of the lines, winterize your system and make sure it’s shut down properly; then we’ll return once the freeze danger has passed with our spring startup services so we can make sure your irrigation system is up and flowing just the way it should be in time for the busy seasons to come.

U.S. Lawns of Reidsville are your full-service irrigation pros. But even more than providing lawn sprinkler services, we are your complete commercial landscaping team. We’re here to keep the lawn green and free of weeds, the plants healthy and beautiful, the shrubs and trees neatly pruned, and we can also take care of any landscape improvements you need to make or take on snow removal during the winter months. Get in touch today to discover all the advantages of partnering with U.S. Lawns!


Todd Ore

[email protected]

Todd Ore has worked for over 25 years supervising production team leaders and maintenance planners. He and his wife Tonya and their family live in the Reidsville, North Carolina area. Their son, Colton Ore, is General Manager and running the day-to-day business.

Colton was born and raised in Reidsville, and has always had passion for the outdoors and the green industry. Growing up, he and his cousin mowed neighborhood yards. Colton eventually started mowing for a small local landscape company. Now he’s making a life change and teaming up with his father to start their U.S. Lawns franchise in Reidsville, NC. Todd’s hobbies include gardening, raising beef cattle, and triathlon training. Colton’s hobbies include riding 4-wheelers, hunting, fishing and kayaking. Tonya enjoys projects around the farm and spending time with her family.


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