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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Lawton, OK


Let our experienced Lawton professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Lawton, OK

Serving Properties in Lawton, Medicine Park, Geronimo, Elgin, Cache, Walters, Chattanooga, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Snow Plowing & Ice Management Experts

When winter weather creates treacherous travel, you want a snow removal, snow plowing and ice management partner you can depend on to keep your commercial property accessible and traversable. The good news for you is that providing winter weather services is one area where the experienced professionals of U.S. Lawns in Lawton excel.

As a local business owner right in your neighborhood, Brian Honeyager understands the regional challenges companies experience during a snowstorm or icing event, and this is why U.S. Lawns Team 425 make it our mission to keep our customers’ businesses operating with minimal disruption when the winter weather is working against us.

Whether you’re in charge of the grounds of a Fletcher manufacturer, a hotel or medical clinic in Lawton, a Geronimo apartment complex, a retail shop or church in Cache, or any other commercial property in the southwest Oklahoma region, make sure you get on our snow and ice services schedule early.

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Winter Storm Response – The team of U.S. Lawns of Lawton takes our job very seriously, especially when it comes to managing ice and snow. We know that our customers expect us to stay on top of things, which is why we have a winter storm response process that starts with planning well ahead of the season. The benefits of our early preparation are many, including:

  • Every contracted client holds a priority position on the schedule, which means you won’t need to call us to service your property because we’ll be on site when we need to be–and you won’t be trying in vain to find an available snowplowing contractor when they’re all in the midst of taking care of prior obligations.
  • Early planning enables U.S. Lawns to ensure we have the proper staff, supplies and equipment in place to be responsive to every commercial property we serve.
  • We have the opportunity to make certain trees and shrubberies are trimmed and pruned, making them better able to support the added weight of ice and snow along with strong winter winds. And when there are downed limbs and other debris left from the winter storm, we will remove it expediently to keep your property tidy and clear of unnecessary hazards.
  • We get a chance to familiarize ourselves with your property so we can:
    • Designate locations to pile snow where it will be minimally obstructive and have proper drainage when it starts melting.
    • Identify hardscape and softscape elements that could be damaged by snowplows when they’re concealed by snowfall.

We’ll also be constantly monitoring the winter weather forecast so we will be ready to take action the moment we need to, which means you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’re already on it.

Ice Treatments – When freezing rain and icy conditions are creating slippery surfaces, you can depend on your U.S. Lawns ice management pros to be there pretreating paved areas to stop ice from forming and when necessary, applying ice melts to address icy buildup. Some of the products we use are:

  • Granular Ice Melts – Which are designed to deeply penetrate and melt thicker layers of frozen precipitation.
  • Liquid Deicers – Which serve the dual purpose of melting thin ice glazing and are also used to pretreat concrete surfaces as a preventative measure.
  • Sand – Which is a valuable aid for increased traction.

Snowplowing & Snow Shoveling – For accumulating snowfall, you can count on U.S. Lawns Lawton to get out and tackle the sidewalks and outside steps with our snow shovels, and you’ll also see our snowplows out on driveways and parking lots pushing snow and opening the way for people to continue coming and going as usual.

The best part for you though is that in addition to snowplowing and ice management services, U.S. Lawns has the expertise to manage your entire commercial landscape, attending to everything from mowing the grass to taking care of the trees and other plantings, to doing landscape improvements and we even provide the full suite of irrigation services.

If you’re located in the Oklahoma counties of Comanche, Cotton or Tillman and would like to learn more about our comprehensive commercial landscape management offerings, get in touch with us. We’ll treat your turf like it’s our lawn.


Brian Honeyager

[email protected]

Brian Honeyager, the owner of U.S. Lawns of Lawton team 425, has been in the landscape industry for more than 25 years. He holds multiple degrees, including an AAS in Horticulture from Niagara County Community College in New York, as well as a BS in Agriculture and an MS in Behavioral Sciences from Cameron University located in Lawton, Oklahoma.

He is versed in a variety of plants from a myriad of regions, and started his first landscape business in Orlando, Fl. He was in the golf industry and served as a course superintendent in the western New York area for 9 years. Brian has been a resident of Lawton, OK since 1997. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Army where he served in an infantry unit in the early 80's. He has incorporated military discipline into the fine art of maintaining landscapes within a budget.


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