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Commercial Landscaping Services in Medford, OR

Founded in the late 19th century, the city of Medford, OR, is situated in the heart of Rogue Valley, located just a few miles north of the California border. The city is surrounded by beautiful countryside and enjoys a mild climate.

Medford’s economy is driven primarily by the healthcare industry, the major employers in the city. Despite its modernity, Medford retains its historical heritage in its downtown district. Recent revitalization programs have driven the district to an economic renaissance with an influx of new businesses.

The city of Medford is unique because it blends a modern and cosmopolitan cityscape with the natural wonders of Rogue Valley. U.S. Lawns offers high-quality commercial landscaping services in Medford, OR, so that local commercial establishments can maintain this synergy of nature and urbanization. We use the latest landscaping tools and techniques in all our offerings to create customizable maintenance and service plans that meet your business needs.

Commercial Lawn Care in Jackson County, OR

Jackson County, OR is located in the southwestern part of the state and boasts economically diverse communities driven by healthcare, agriculture, lumber, manufacturing, and tourism.

The area likewise showcases visually stunning natural surroundings, as parts of the Umpqua National Forest are in Jackson County.

Commercial establishments in the county should maintain frontages and lawns that reflect the scenic surroundings of the county in order to entice customers. U.S. Lawns provides comprehensive commercial lawn care in Jackson County, OR, with an in-house team of highly trained grounds care experts who offer specialized solutions to specific lawn care issues.

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We service clients in the city of Medford, and communities in Jackson County and Josephine County. Get in touch with us, today, and we’ll get you started on one of our professional service offerings.

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