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Commercial Palm Tree Care and Maintenance

Palm Trees in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Commercial palm tree maintenance is vital if you live in a region where these trees flourish. Palm trees have very specific needs, and as such they only grow in certain regions of the U.S. However, if you live in an area where these attractive trees thrive like Florida, Tennessee, California, or Arizona, they can distinguish your landscape as a community standout. However, it takes more than just being in the right region to ensure palm trees will grow on your property. They have specific maintenance requirements, and need to be tended to carefully from the moment they’re planted. Read on to learn how U.S. Lawns of Pigeon Forge is the best partner for your commercial palm tree installation and maintenance.

Palm Tree Installation

If you’d like to add palm trees to your commercial landscape, U.S. Lawns of Pigeon Forge is exactly the resource you need. Our teams can help you identify the right variety of palm tree for your area, and by utilizing our many connections with nurseries, we can also deliver them to your property.

Depending on the variety you choose, the palm tree installation process will vary. One thing that all palm tree varieties have in common is a shallow root system, so it’s generally not a problem to plant them close to flowerbeds.

There’s always the question of how deep to plant a palm tree, which is where our expertise comes in. Our teams have decades of experience working with palm trees, and they’ll know where and how deep to dig. We also understand that staking the tree for a time is always necessary as it grows into its new home.

If you’ve opted to plant a young tree that still has a lot of growing left to do, your tree will need special care – especially during its first year. That’s when our palm tree care and maintenance services will prove to be of special benefit.

Palm Tree Maintenance

Planting a palm tree is one thing—providing it with proper care throughout its life is another. Palm trees can live for a century, so with the right attention, there’s a good chance the tree that you plant will be there for a very long time.

Every variety of palm tree has unique care needs. For example:

  • Their soil needs the right balance of alkaline and acidity
  • Proper drainage always needs to be maintained
  • Regular applications of the right fertilizer are needed to keep them looking lush and tropical
  • Pruning needs to be done very carefully by experts who know which fronds to remove

All of this might sound like a lot, but the truth is it’s no concern for commercial property managers who partner with U.S. Lawns of Pigeon Forge. We can build the care of your palm trees right into our regular maintenance contract for your property, so you know they’ll be checked on regularly. Best of all, we only perform services when they’re needed, so you can rest assured that your plan covers all the necessary care of your palm tree and nothing superfluous.

We Can Work with Other Specialty Trees as Well

Palm tree maintenance is just one example of the specialized services offered by U.S. Lawns of Pigeon Forge. If your property includes other tree varietals that require some extra attention, we can set up a customized plan for their care, too. The best part about partnering with U.S. Lawns of Pigeon Forge is that we develop unique plans for each of our customers. This ensures that our customers entire landscape receives the proper attention it needs, while working within their budget.

Contact U.S. Lawns of Pigeon Forge today to learn more about palm tree care and maintenance on your commercial property.

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