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When you see the U.S. Lawns star, you’re looking at a member of the nation’s #1 commercial landscaping team. Our nationwide network of local owners provides stability. Constant education maintains our expertise. Access to resources and processes enable us to service large properties and commercial clients with multiple locations in ways others cannot. The U.S. Lawns star represents the buying power to offer competitive pricing while remaining focused on being 100% responsive to serve without compromise. Our vision is 100% client retention. Every day, every month, every year.

​We’re business owners and nature lovers living in your community and we take a personal interest in every client. We understand the heavy demands you face and we’re here to ease your load with full-service grounds care management and landscape maintenance services. Our landscaping experts can customize solutions to accommodate your company’s unique terrain and budget. Learn more about our extensive capabilities by clicking the icons below, or contact us today. Your Turf. Our Lawn.

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​You'll find every U.S. Lawns owner in the community, helping to make the places we live a little better for us all. From charities to golf tournaments to volunteer work, we're active in giving back to our neighbors.

You'll find every U.S. Lawns owner in the community, helping to make the places we live a little better for us all. From charities to golf tournaments to volunteer work, we're active in giving back to our neighbors.
Aramis Rodriguez and his wife Ruth Peña are firm believers in giving back to their community. Aramis is dedicated helping with youth sports and has supported youth volleyball athletics for more than 10 years.

We serve the businesses in the following zip codes:

​78073, 78109, 78112, 78148, 78150, 78202, 78203, 78204, 78205, 78208, 78210, 78211, 78215, 78218, 78219, 78221, 78221, 78222, 78222, 78223, 78224, 78225, 78226, 78235, 78236, 78239, 78242, 78244, 78263, 78263

78610, 78619, 78620, 78640, 78652, 78676, 78701, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78712, 78730, 78731, 78732, 78733, 78734, 78735, 78736, 78737, 78738, 78739, 78745, 78746, 78748, 78749, 78751, 78756
20109, 20110, 20111, 20112, 20119, 20121, 20124, 20136, 20155, 20181, 20186, 20187, 22728

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About the Owner

​Orangel Yanez

​Orangel Yanez & lifelong friend Sergio Ramírez own & operator U.S. Lawns - San Antonio South, along with mentor Gustavo Rivero, an agronomist and a high performance franchisee and owner of U.S. Lawns in Naples, FL since 2002. Orangel has a degree in psychology, and Sergio is an industrial engineer with more than 15 years of experience. The combination of these three people creates the perfect recipe to provide quality commercial grounds care: Orangel with his caring and understanding of relationships, Sergio with his skills for logistics and planning, and Gustavo with his leadership and deep agronomic knowledge. The family of U.S. Lawns - San Antonio South focuses on providing quality commercial grounds care and attention to customers, training employees for career paths within U.S. Lawns, and establishing long lasting relationships through open communication.

Jonathan Garcia owns and operates U.S. Lawns in West Austin, TX. He is an Army Veteran, where he worked in the human resources area and also as a recruiter. Driven by his love for trees, he is pursuing becoming a certified Arborist. He has owned his landscape maintenance business since 2014, and joined the U.S. Lawns family to expand his knowledge and resources under a national brand. He likes meeting with people, learning about their needs and customizing programs to best help them. He delivers what he promises, and provides a high level of customer service. He enjoys training his employees and providing career paths for them, encouraging them with rewards for service excellence. In his leisure time, he likes trying to be the best dad ever, for his young daughter.
Elias Bouilla owns and operates the U.S. Lawns in Manassas, VA. His passion for landscaping started in his early 20’s while working for a landscaping company.  His love of outdoors and his customer service skills were honed later when he worked for a small pool company where he moved quickly into management.  He now owns a pool company and a snow removal business, which he started in 2011. Properly training his managers has paid off and has allowed him to pursue his original desire - to own a landscape management company. Elias decided to join the U.S. Lawns family to get back to his passion for landscaping and his dedication to excellent customer service, along with providing employees with a career path. In his leisure time, Elias enjoys spending quality time with his wife and his two teenage children.
Aramis Rodriguez and his wife Ruth Peña operate the U.S. Lawns in Annapolis, MD. Aramis, an experienced business owner, also serves as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserve, and has a background rich in customer service. Ruth’s background includes administrative management, credit and collections management, and financial analysis. Aramis and Ruth chose to join the U.S. Lawns family in order to help beautify their community and improve lives within it. They are committed to achieve this by providing outstanding customer service to their customers in the Annapolis area and to train and support their employees and help them with their career paths. In their spare time, they enjoy being outdoors and spending time with their family and friends.
Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.

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