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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in South San Antonio, TX


Let our experienced San Antonio South professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Properties in ​South San Antonio, Somerset Kirby, China Grove, Von Ormy, Losoya, Elmendorf, Sayers, Converse, Martinez, ​and the Surrounding Communities

Your Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

The team of U.S. Lawns of San Antonio South are your local commercial landscape enhancement experts. As business owners in the Bexar County, Texas community, Orangel Yanez and Sergio Ramirez understand the challenges our customers face. We also know many advantageous ways the landscape can be utilized to help businesses succeed.

Whether your main objective is to provide a safe, beautiful outdoor public space for a park in Elmendorf or a Kirby apartment complex, maintain open views and ease of access for a Von Ormy manufacturer or a trucking company in Saint Hedwig, attract patrons and occupants to a salon in China Grove, a restaurant in Windcrest or a Live Oak shopping mall, or you need to elevate the curb appeal at a Universal City office building, a bank in Converse or a San Antonio hotel, there are landscaping renovations that can make a real impact–and the landscape improvement specialists of U.S. Lawns can make any or all of it happen.

Contact U.S. Lawn San Antonio South to learn more and request a free proposal for our best-in industry commercial landscape improvement services.

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Hardscapes – There are numerous hardscape options that can come together to create the perfect outside place to get away. U.S. Lawns Team 596 can build walking paths, patios, a deck or gazebo, and add seating and covered tables, along with a relaxing water feature and eye-catching potted plants to complete the scene. We can also build recreational areas like playgrounds and basketball, volleyball or tennis courts. Whatever type of outdoor destination you’re aiming for, we an create to your specifications.

Seasonal Color – If you’re trying to make an immediate impression, colorful blooming trees and plants are a powerful way to accomplish it. U.S. Lawns San Antonio South can design and install new flower beds to highlight special features and signage, freshen up existing plant beds, and maintain floral borders throughout your grounds. We can also plant ornamental trees and shrubs that for that additional splash of vivid foliage along with eye-pleasing spring, summer or autumn blossoms.

Mulch – One of the most effective landscape improvements you can make, wood mulch adds aesthetic value and is vital for plant health, because it aids in hydration, feeds the soil, regulates the ground temperature and serves as an effective weed and erosion control measure. You can rely on your U.S. Lawns mulching experts to do the job the right way, helping your plants and trees flourish season after season.

Permanent Ground Cover – If you have high-traffic areas that need a cost-effective, easy-care alternative to sod, get in touch with U.S. Lawns. We will help you choose the best option for your situation, which may include pea stone gravel or other attractive stones, rubber mulch, cedar chips or another durable and lasting medium.

Drainage Solutions – U.S. Lawns has a lot of experience in correcting landscape drainage issues. We’ll clear any debris that may be creating clogged drains, and we can also install channel drains, surface drains, French drains, dry creek beds, and rain gardens to capture runoff. We’re also equipped to change the topography of the land to reroute water and mix organic materials into the soil if necessary to increase absorption.

U.S. Lawns of southern San Antonio is committed to serving as your complete landscape management partner, with a full suite of landscaping offerings for commercial properties. In addition to our landscape renovation expertise, we also provide turf care, irrigation services, tree and shrub care and more. Contact us today so we can start making your job easier right away!


​Orangel Yanez & Sergio Ramirez

[email protected]
[email protected]

Orangel Yanez & lifelong friend Sergio Ramirez, own & operate U.S. Lawns - San Antonio South. Orangel’s background in psychology, and Sergio's background in the construction world makes a unique formula to provide quality commercial grounds care to their customers and building lasting relationships through open communication. They enjoy training their crews and providing career paths for their employees within U.S. Lawns.


We serve businesses in the following zip codes:

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