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Commercial Landscape Enhancements in Texarkana, TX


Let our experienced Texarkana professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Serving Properties in Texarkana, Bowie County, Miller County, Cass County, and the Surrounding Communities

Your Landscape Improvement & Enhancement Experts

If you are looking into ways to make your landscape contribute more to your company’s goals, U.S. Lawns of Texarkana is here to assist. We help commercial property owners and managers throughout the Texas counties of Cass and Bowie and the Arkansas county of Miller get the greatest advantage out of their grounds by making landscape improvements with real impact.

We know how to elevate curb appeal, create better visibility, improve safety and even increase property values by making strategic, cost-effective landscape renovations.

Whether your aim is to beautify a New Boston hotel or Bradley municipal property, attract patrons to a Texarkana shopping mall or salon in Foreman, create safe, open views at a Queen City manufacturing facility or Nash warehouse, or provide a healing, outside oasis at an Atlanta senior living environment, get in touch with Dwight Mowery and the landscape improvement specialists at U.S. Lawns.

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Seasonal Color – Living, vivid colors are a powerful, budget friendly landscape enhancement, which also happens to be a favorite diversion from our everyday tasks here at U.S. Lawns. We’ll design and create flower beds or revitalize existing plant beds; install floral borders; add planters filled with bright foliage and blossoming, tropical plantings; and add blooming shrubs and ornamental trees for that final eye-catching touch that’s sure to please. Then we’ll be there regularly to keep those seasonal shades fresh vibrant.

Mulch – While wood mulch lends to a neat, tidy appearance, it is also incredibly valuable to the health of your trees and plants. When properly applied, mulch is an important hydration aid, regulates the ground temperature beneath it, controls erosion as well as weed germination, and it feeds nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down. You can trust your local U.S. Lawns mulching experts to help you choose the best mulch for your needs and then we’ll apply it and keep it properly maintained.

Permanent Ground Cover – If you need an alternative for areas where deep shade, heavy foot traffic or other harsh conditions make grass an ineffective ground covering, U.S. Lawns of Texarkana can apply pea gravel or other decorative stones, rubber mulch, cedar chips or another medium that will be affordable, easy to maintain, durable and long lasting. Get ahold of us to find out more about all the permanent ground cover options available.

Drainage Solutions – Regardless of the landscape drainage problem your property is experiencing, U.S. Lawns has a solution. We can clear clogged landscape drains; install surface, French and channel or trench drains; build natural rain gardens and dry creek beds to capture runoff; change the land’s topography to reroute flowing water; and blend organic materials and sand into the soil to make it absorb better. Schedule some time with us and we’ll come and walk your grounds with you so we can determine what will work best for your situation.

Hardscapes – Your U.S. Lawns landscape improvement pros can build hardscapes that will make your property a true destination. From gazebos and pergolas to paver pathways lined with benches and big planters, to brick, cobblestone or limestone patios with covered picnic tables and a relaxing water feature, to recreation areas with playgrounds and volleyball, basketball or badminton courts, the possibilities for creating the ideal public outdoor space are virtually endless–and U.S. Lawns Team 419 can turn your vision into a reality.

The best part about having a landscape enhancement team like U.S. Lawns of Texarkana is that we have the capacity to be your complete, one-stop commercial landscaping services provider. We’re here to take on the basics like mowing, weeding and debris removal as well as irrigation maintenance services, tree care and every other service your landscape needs. When we say we treat your turf like it’s our lawn, we mean it. Contact us today to find out more!


Dwight Mowery

[email protected]

After a successful 28-year career in police work, Dwight made the decision to own his own business and purchased U.S. Lawns - Texarkana in 2013, and he never looked back.

Initially, he had little knowledge concerning landscaping or with running a business, but Dwight hit the ground running, and with the backing of a national brand and the U.S. Lawns onboarding and ongoing training, he quickly built a successful business and gained a wonderful reputation in Texarkana for full service quality commercial landscape services. He believes in retaining customers by building lasting relationships and he believes in retaining employees by providing not just jobs, but career paths for each of them. He has grown to be the largest landscape company in his area. One question he's asked many times is what his managers specific duties are. His answer is, "each of them has their specific duties and strengths, but the simplest way I can explain it is that their job is to make it where if I leave for vacation, I can leave without worry, and to be honest, they have accomplished this goal."


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