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Commercial ​Irrigation Maintenance In Houston West, TX


Let our experienced Houston West professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial landscaping needs.

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Commercial ​Irrigation Maintenance In Houston West, TX

Serving Properties in West Houston, Sugar Land​, Katy, Cypress, Bellaire, and West Harris County


If you’re seeking a lawn sprinkler services contractor you can rely on, U.S. Lawns of Houston West is the team for you. Locally owned and operated by Paul Shouse, along with U.S. Lawns of Houston North and U.S. Lawns of Montgomery County, our water management expertise is second to none in the region.

We specialize in spray irrigation systems as well as drip irrigation systems, and since we’re also well-versed in the hydration demands of our native plants and trees, you can entrust all of your landscape watering needs to us.

Customers like Bellaire shopping malls, car dealerships in Houston, Stafford assisted living facilities, trucking companies in Rosharon, Alvin hotels, manufacturers in Friendswood, Webster business centers, and a variety of other commercial properties throughout the Texas counties of Harris and Brazoria depend on our irrigation proficiency to keep their softscapes well hydrated and flourishing. So, request your free proposal for our commercial landscape irrigation services today.

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U.S. Lawns – Houston West
Team 325
11810 N. Garden St.
Houston, TX 77071

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Irrigation Maintenance & Repairs – U.S. Lawns Team 325 will keep your irrigation system performing with regularly scheduled irrigation maintenance services. We’ll inspect all the key components of your system, make irrigation repairs and adjustments as needed, ensure driplines and drip emitters are fully operational, and keep sprinkler heads calibrated so they’re delivering the right amount of water to the greenery instead of wasting water and causing damage to parking lots and sidewalks. You can also count on us to respond with urgency when a pipe breaks or a sticking valve is creating a problem, no matter the time of day.

 New Irrigation System Installations – the water management experts of U.S. Lawns of Houston West will design an irrigation system tailored to meet the needs of your landscape. We’ll plan for upcoming landscape improvements as well as the evolving hydration demands of maturing trees, shrubs and other plants. We can install a new irrigation system that will have the capacity to keep your landscape hydrated and healthy for many years to come.

 Irrigation System Upgrades – when it’s time to update your irrigation system, U.S. Lawns Team 325 is qualified to make it happen. We can add new water zones; replace poorly functioning sprinklers, backflow valves, drip emitters and other parts. Our team can also install smart controllers that will update the watering schedule based on seasonal hydration requirements; and we can retrofit rain sensors that will improve efficiency and support water conservation efforts–all of which will increase efficiency, improve functionality, and extend the longevity of your irrigation system.

 Seasonal Irrigation Servicing – in addition to regular irrigation maintenance services, U.S. Lawns of Houston West will also perform seasonal irrigation servicing designed to prevent the buildup of debris and minerals that can create blockages throughout your system. We will also take care of the winter irrigation shutdown and spring irrigation startup services when necessary, so you can rest easy knowing that your lawn sprinkler system is in the best hands, all year round.

Furthermore, U.S. Lawns of Houston West has a full suite of commercial landscape management services available. This means you have a single source for everything from lawn and tree care to plant health services to landscape improvements of all types, including hardscape features and seasonal flowers. If you’re ready for a commercial landscaping contractor that will free you up to focus on all the other items on your task list, contact us today.


Paul Shouse

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