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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Charlottesville, VA


Let our experienced Charlottesville professionals provide the skills to meet your commercial snow removal needs.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services in Charlottesville, VA

Serving Properties in Charlottesville, Crozet, Scottsville, Piney Mountain, Pantops, Glenmore, Albemarle County, and the Surrounding Communities


As a local business owner, Chris Hoodless understands the impact wintry precipitation can have on daily operations, which is precisely why U.S. Lawns of Charlottesville specializes in snow removal and ice treatment services.

In fact, commercial property owners and managers throughout Albemarle County, Virginia depend on our snow and ice management services to keep their properties accessible all winter long, and you can too.

Whether you’re managing a resort property, a senior living environment, an apartment complex, a business center or shopping mall, an industrial park, a municipal property, a hospital campus, or any other commercial landscape in the area, you can count on the snowplowing and ice treatment experts of U.S. Lawns Team 530. We will be there pushing and shoveling snow or applying ice melts as soon as we’re needed. So, request your free proposal and get on our winter weather services schedule today!

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Snowplowing & Shoveling – when the snow starts accumulating, you won’t have to give it a second thought, because U.S. Lawns of Charlottesville will arrive promptly with snowplows and snow shovels to clear a way for drivers and pedestrians alike. We’ll plow roads, driveways, parking lots, as well as shovel sidewalks, and exterior steps so people can continue to come and go.

 Ice Treatments – when icy conditions are making it treacherous to get around, you’ll see our uniformed crew members out pretreating the concrete to prevent ice from forming. When ice does start to accumulate, you can rely on us to be there applying ice melts. Some of the ice treatments we may use include:

  • Liquid Deicers – which serve the dual purpose of a pretreatment preventative as well as to melt thin ice glazing.
  • Ice Melts – which are useful for penetrating and melting thicker ice layers and may be in granular or pellet form.
  • Sand – which is not a melting agent but is invaluable as a traction aid until the ice melts take effect.

 Winter Storm Response – when you partner with the snowplowing and ice treatment professionals of U.S. Lawns Charlottesville, you’re receiving service that is second to none in the landscaping industry. This is due to the strictest of nationwide standards, training, and processes every U.S. Lawns owner utilizes. Not only will we respond right away to take care of any downed tree limbs or other storm debris, but we will also be vigilant in monitoring the winter weather forecast so we can take immediate action every time we need to. What’s more, we start planning for the snow and ice months ahead of winter’s arrival, which offers multiple advantages like:

  • Every customer is on our winter services schedule early on, so you won’t be calling around at the last minute trying to secure a snow removal contractor.
  • Early planning enables us to ensure that we’re properly staffed, equipped, and well-supplied with everything we need to service each property effectively.
  • We have time to properly prune and trim shrubs as well as trees during the right season, so they’ll have the strength and endurance to withstand heavy snows and the blustery winter winds.
  • We’re able to familiarize ourselves with your grounds which allows us to:
    • Designate the most unobstructive and well-draining areas for piling snow.
    • Identify hardscape and softscape elements that we’ll need to avoid with snowplows once they’ve been concealed underneath a fresh blanket of snow.

U.S. Lawns Team 530 is devoted to keeping commercial landscapes along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains safe, navigable, and beautiful all year round. This is something our customers really appreciate, because in addition to snowplowing and ice treatments we offer a full suite of landscape management services. We’ll take care of the mowing, weeding, along with plant health services; even design, install, upgrade, repair, as well as maintain the lawn sprinkler system; and we have the expertise to perform all kinds of landscape improvements, making us your complete landscaping resource. Contact us today to find out more!


Chris Hoodless

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Each U.S. Lawns office, no matter how big or small, is owned and operated by members of your community. Owners enjoy the support of a nationwide network, as well as a close relationship to their individual communities.


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