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Commercial Landscaping Services in Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke, Virginia is the largest municipality of Southwest Virginia, and as such functions as the hub of health care, culture, and commerce of that region. Roanoke was essential in growing the Carilion Health System, a Virginia-based integrated health care provider that offers care for 1 million Virginians.

Because of its proximity to automotive plants, Roanoke serves as a distribution center for most of the southeast and northeast coast of the United States, along with the mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley markets. This ideal location has made Roanoke an ideal area of distribution for automotive manufacturers like Yokohama Tires, Dynax, and Metalsa, to name a few.

The city also is home to numerous arts and cultural centers.

A regional economic leader, Roanoke also relies heavily on retail and commercial spaces. As such, it’s important for commercial owners in the area to keep their property looking fresh, vibrant, and attractive to potential customers. Our commercial landscaping service in Roanoke provides our clients a way to keep their frontage looking lush and professional.

Commercial Lawn Care in Salem

Salem, Virginia is the county seat of Roanoke County, and is adjacent to the independent city of Roanoke. Salem is home to Roanoke College, a private co-ed liberal arts college that was voted 2nd “Best Up-and-Coming National Liberal Arts Colleges” by U.S. News and World Report.

The city’s downtown area is a registered historical district, with over 30 buildings of varying historical value. Each building is built in a different style that was prevalent in the 19th and early-20th century.

Salem takes great pride in maintaining the look and feel of their historic downtown. Although some of the buildings are at least a century old, most of them still are being used actively as commercial and retail spaces. To that end, we make sure that our commercial lawn care service in Salem keeps your frontage true to its original appeal.

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U.S. Lawns is one of the leading providers of landscaping, lawn care, and grounds keeping services in the entire country. Our extensive network of local owner-operators provides individualized services for the unique needs of their communities. Trust the landscape management experts at U.S. Lawns to render services using the best possible equipment for the job.

Commercial clients in the cities of Roanoke and Salem in Roanoke County can rely on our expertise in all things related to lawn care. 

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Customer Feedback

Patricia Brown complete my review that was deleted. ...astounded at how nice the development looked. The grass was neatly cut and all bushes trimmed. It was a lovely development not too far from the OV. Based on the comment though provided by Cathy, one would think this wasn’t the case. I have found US Lawns employees dedicated and very caring of their work. Their manager, Terry Myles, is fair and quite attentive to his Business.

Cissy Lippart

This is in reply to two negative comments about U S Lawns that have been posted in the last couple of days. First, John Hans, I gathered you don’t live at the Orchard Villas. Who told you that the sprinkler system had been cut off so that the grass could die. It’s not true. The grass planted here is very susceptible to dying from the heat and lack of rain. When it rains and the heat drops, the grass is revived. The only time the system is cut off in zones is when it has to be worked on. I’ve seen a very dedicated Terry spend either a full day Saturday or Sunday devoting his time off to work on the OV system at no further cost to the OV. That also includes the sprinkler heads he has given the OV. Office phone calls: Terrry’s wife is the office assistant and is always at the office. When did you try calling the office? Those at the OV that have permission to call Terry have his cell number. If there’s a problem, he’ll be here promptly to handle it. Terry has very dedicated staff. Do you know them? What was your interaction with them? Next, concerning Cathy’s negative comment about US Lawns, I drove to that development after I read her comment. I was astounded

Wanda Lawrence

The Orchard Villas Association, consisting of 108 units, has been pleased to have a lawn maintenance contract for the last two years with US Lawns. The owner, Terry Miles has greatly improved the appearance of the property and greatly enhanced the irrigation system. This system has more water capability now than ever since the development was built. Terry and his crew have always been on time and gone beyond expectations. They are easy to communicate with, courteous , and cooperative, and respectful to the residents. The decision to hire US Lawns for landscaping was based on a Committee reviewing 12 different properties with six different landscaping companies. US Lawns came out far ahead in this review and we have not been disappointed in any respect with their work. I would emphatically recommend USLawns to a Community like ours. If you want to verify what I am saying, ride through Orchard Villas. Wanda Lawrence, Resident Volunteer

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