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In 2009, at the height of the recent recession, a study found that small business owners were less likely to fear job loss than a typical employee by two to one.

Think about that for a second.

During one of the most alarming economic crises in American history, business owners experienced twice the job security of any other participant in the workforce. Of course, business owners who had already failed were not included in the survey; but the contrast is significant and perhaps surprising.

In today’s economy, is self-employment the new job security? The numbers would seem to suggest so, at least in the minds of business owners themselves. People feel more secure when they have control over their own destiny, as long as the risks aren’t too high. With the economic downturn, risks increased in the workforce at large. Suddenly, owning a business didn’t seem like such a big leap.

Now, consider that franchisees are 75% more likely to succeed as small business owners than their stand-alone counterparts. We can conclude that franchising creates an even more secure environment for those wishing to strike out on their own. Why? Because in franchising, the risks become even lower. You retain the ability to be your own boss, without having to put everything on the line.

Here are some ways that we, at U.S. Lawns, go about creating a position of job security and freedom for our franchisees. Some of these are simply part of any franchise model. But others are ways that we’ve discovered over our 25+ years in business to give people the best shot at the American dream.

● U.S. Lawns is made up entirely of franchises. There are no locations owned by the Home Office. Why is this important? Because unlike many companies, we can dedicate our resources exclusively to the success of our franchisees. They aren’t our competition at the corporate level. They’re part of our family. And having the backing of a parent company helps lower the risks of business ownership, making it more secure to be self-employed.

● We believe in The Power of the Network. Competition is one easy way to sink a new business. But at U.S. Lawns, your fellow franchisees aren’t competitors–they’re collaborators, and they’re here to help you out. Because we don’t put our franchises in competition with each other, our 270+ franchisees are part of your business network, always ready to help you out. And we even assign you a dedicated advisor, or business mentor, to help “coach” the team.

● You’re buying an established brand. When you purchase any franchise business, you should in theory be getting a robust brand, complete with sales and marketing support, as well as a name that’s already trusted in the industry. U.S. Lawns is the largest commercial grounds care company in the country, and consistently ranks in the Top 10 for landscaping and snow removal contractors. Plus, we provide tools that make promoting your business easy. Sales training, direct marketing campaigns, digital resources, and more come standard with every franchise territory.

● We keep you in the know. Did we mention you’re not alone? Franchising laws require franchisees to be trained when they purchase their business. Our training begins on day one, with a 6-day trip to the Home Office in Orlando. When does it end? Never. Owners and their employees receive continual education in areas such as business, management, horticulture, agronomics, bidding and estimating, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Make job security a reality. Own your own business and increase your chance of success with a franchise from U.S. Lawns. For more information, contact us today.

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