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Someone once wrote this about the Internet—but it’s always been the truth. The Declaration of Independence created America. Words have the power to change lives, and that’s why we’re intentional about the messages we send.

We’re part of a business. And a business is a story. Most people don’t realize it, but without stories they wouldn’t be in business at all. Think about it: customers hear the message, and then decide whether to purchase. “Marketing” is just a fancy name for telling the right tales.

Some companies can sell a good product, and that’s the end. No need for chapter and verse. But we’re in the service industry, which makes our story more interactive. More like the Internet, as opposed to the printing press. A service business relies on everyone to participate—telling our story with each interaction.

You are the story. Plain and simple. Our Brand DNA is about relationships: local commitment, 100% client retention. You create those relationships, every time you come to work.

Dust off your brain from high school English, and you’ll recall that all stories have themes. One of ours is: “Improve Your Community. Improve Your Life.”  This is not empty motivational speech; it’s a legitimate business goal. But let’s be honest. We can’t accomplish visionary goals from the top down, or behind closed doors. We can’t change society unless we change the way we communicate.

So from now on, we’re going to focus on our dialogue as a team. We’ll share stories about U.S. Lawns company goals, people and vision. We never want you to feel out of the loop. Because you can’t tell a story you don’t believe in.

Thank you for everything you do, to create the U.S. Lawns story and share it with the world. It’s to your credit that what we do is bigger than commercial grounds care, or franchising, or even business. In fact, it’s bigger than all of us.

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