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Stewardship Beyond The Call Of Duty

One of the greatest qualities all U.S. Lawns franchise owners share in common is a deep commitment to caring for our communities. It’s reflected in our daily actions and planned events throughout the year. But sometimes, it’s the unexpected which really makes our dedication shine.

Today we’re proud to share one such story—that of Baton Rouge’s U.S. Lawns-Team 533 franchisee, Alex Carruth.

It all began on August 13, 2016, which marked the start of a four-day rain event resulting in devastating floods. As rivers overflowed their banks in southern Mississippi and Louisiana the record-breaking deluge continued. People quickly became dangerously stranded. As the deadly flood waters Rose at an alarming pace, emergency responders become overwhelmed, without the resources to handle all necessary evacuations.

Fortunately, the region is well-known for its large population of courageous hunters, fishermen and salt-of-the-earth people who genuinely care about the safety and welfare of their neighbors. Recognizing the need for assistance, these generous men and women organized a grassroots rescue effort affectionately known as the Cajun Navy.

Even though Alex had only been a part of the U.S. Lawns family for approximately one week, he didn’t think twice about it. He immediately jumped into action along with many other locals, and turned his flat bottomed boat into a search and rescue vessel. He spent long hours working beside fellow citizen sailors and first responders to deliver supplies and help people and their pets escape to safety.

We Salute The Cajun Navy

Thanks to the selfless acts of Alex Carruth and so many others like him, the tragic loss has been far less than it would have otherwise been. We’d like to salute all who serve in the Cajun Navy. And here’s a special shout out to you, Alex. You exemplify the values that make U.S. Lawns so great. We’re honored to have you as a member of our Network!

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