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Last week, we talked about reviewing your resources for the New Year. Today, let’s shift focus and discuss the goals you’re trying to achieve.

You should have set a list of 2015 goals (budget, business plan, etc.) at the end of last year. Now, it’s time to execute. It should become very clear in just a few weeks if you’ve set good expectations for yourself. Here are a few tips to hit the ground running with immediate success in the New Year.

  • Ensure you have the right team in place. We talked a little about this last week, but if you’ve hired any new talent since you wrote your business plan, deploy them according to how you’ve seen them perform. This means don’t be afraid to shift your players, new or seasoned, into brand new roles. But only make HR moves if you know they’re right for your team. As long as you’re making use of everyone’s talents, they’ll be happy you gave them the chance to shine.
  • Commit to tracking your progress. Every metric. Every day. After all, the only way to measure success is to actually measure it. Now that 2015 is here, you need to stay on track by charting all your accomplishments—and challenges. For most of us, keeping meticulous financial records is a given. But don’t forget to track your sales, employee accomplishments, and anything else that contributes to your growth and reaching your potential.
  • Make allowance for change. We can usually project our goals with decent accuracy, but unexpected events can happen to any business owner. It’s okay to revise your plans if you’ve lost an employee or a big client to unforeseen circumstances. Chances are you can overcome your setback; you simply need to update your strategy.
  • Depend on the Power of the Network. Lean on your RFA to discuss your business plan, and ask for advice when you feel stuck. Call up a fellow franchisee if you’re wondering what to do about a particular business situation. And if you’re relatively new to the system (under three years), you should absolutely use the tracking system provided to help you set goals and monitor progress, including a very cool app for your iPhone or Android.

Finally, get in the game now. It’s already two weeks into the New Year. What have you done to ensure your success? Jump right into 2015, and get your team excited, too. This is your business. And this is your year. You don’t have a moment to waste.

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