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It’s Time To Pay Attention To The Landscape

Springtime is when we begin to pay special attention to the landscape all around us. Budding trees and early blooms elevate the spirits, and it’s a prime time of the year to make property improvements.

For U.S. Lawns, This Is Enhancement Season

Now, before we go any further, we recognize that people tend to shy away from the word “enhancement” because somewhere along the line it became associated with unnecessary expense.

Defining “Enhancement”

So, to clarify what it means to us: Enhancements in the most basic sense, are property improvements–and enhancements play an important role in how well property owners and managers achieve their goals.

Whether it be renting a hotel room, an apartment or office space, or maintaining the grounds of a retail establishment, there are a multitude of enhancements that contribute to safety as well as aesthetics.

It goes without saying that you’re far more likely to draw the right customers when your property has visual appeal, and making surface enhancements like planting seasonal flowers and adding fresh mulch is a great way to accomplish that.

Enhancements Are Valuable To Customers

But plant material has a life cycle, and at some point, it all needs to be refreshed, removed, replaced or rejuvenated with some serious pruning. It’s also important to remember, as plants grow and mature, safety issues develop too. They start blocking signs; tree canopies get heavy, their lowering branches threatening the eyes of passersby; plants grow up and block ingress and egress visibility so drivers can’t see properly as they enter and exit the parking lot; Addressing each of these issues would be considered an enhancement.

The Reasons To Plan Enhancements

Understanding the value of enhancements is critical to the end game, and planning ahead is equally crucial. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. There may be zoning issues or codes that take time to resolve;
  2. There are extra costs for making property improvements, so it must be budgeted;
  3. You want to be sure the plants, trees, shrubs, turf, and other materials are available when you’re ready for them, because they often require special orders ahead of time;
  4. You need to be sure your grounds care service provider can accommodate your needs;

The last two points are big. You need to make sure your landscape contractor is able to get the specific items necessary to fulfill your vision. You also want to be certain you get on their schedule before it fills up. Not to mention that it is wise to let a specialist help you build your budget and create the plan that will be most effective in achieving your goals.

Partner With A Specialist

You need a landscaping partner with the expertise to handle basic maintenance as well as enhancements, so you can continue to focus on your own specialty. That’s why we’re here. Your local U.S. Lawns grounds care specialists will partner with you to maintain and make improvements to your commercial property, and we’ll help you build your budget too. After all, it’s what we do every day.

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