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Keeping property owners and tenants happy can be a tedious task, and one that could take up a lot of time and money too. Every commercial landscape is different, which means you are looking for commercial landscape maintenance services that can be personalized to fit your needs for the right price. Here at U.S. Lawns, we know a thing or two about commercial grounds care, and what you may consider adding to your landscaping budget. As the deadline approaches to make decisions about the landscaping services you require for 2019, there are some things to consider incorporating into your budget and we can help you get the right services you need for a reasonable price.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

More often than not, one of the first things customers notice about a business is its landscape. People notice when an establishment doesn’t maintain its exterior. This is why commercial landscape maintenance services are so imperative to businesses, and that is why it ranks high on the list of things to incorporate in next year’s budget. Commercial landscape maintenance includes weeding flower beds, keeping grassy areas green, and making sure plants and trees are healthy and upright. All these can send really important visual messages to customers passing by, and without proper maintenance, they may just keep on driving.

Commercial Landscape Enhancements

Different from commercial landscape maintenance services, these focus more on the commercial properties. Many retail locations have less grassy areas, and more plant beds to compliment the exterior. This is where commercial enhancement and improvement services come into play.

Commercial enhancements can include mulching the beds, giving ornamental plants a fresh look, redesigning the landscape, or adding a seasonal color scheme. It can also include drainage which, if maintained properly, will keep a healthy landscape thriving longer and be better for the environment. Solutions for drainage issues include adding sand or organic matter to soil to increase absorbency, changing the topography of the landscape to reroute or slow down the drainage, or strategically place native grass or other moisture loving plants to absorb more of the excess water.

By utilizing these services to keep your landscape healthy, it will last longer and end up saving time and money that may be lost otherwise with improper maintenance.

Important Miscellaneous Services to Incorporate into Commercial Grounds Care

In addition to enhancements and actual landscape maintenance, there are other very important services that you should incorporate into your budget for commercial grounds care. Depending on where your property is located, snow and ice management may be an important part of your budget for years to come. As the days get shorter and colder, snow and icy weather are bound to come through your area in the north. By being prepared with a commercial maintenance company that can take care of all your needs year-round, you can weather or brace for the storm while keeping your customers and tenants happy.

In addition to snow and ice, irrigation is also a very important service to consider in your budget for next year. Proper irrigation saves a lot of time and money by conserving water while assuring that all plants and grass get the proper amount of water when needed. However, if the irrigation system is faulty and not properly maintained, it could inadequately water the commercial grounds, waste water, and end up costing a lot of money and time to repair.

With the right commercial landscape maintenance services that fit your budget, your landscape will be properly maintained and aesthetically pleasing to customers throughout the seasons. Our franchises have the local commitment to bring quality services at reasonable prices to all commercial landscapes.

For more information about commercial grounds care and what services you should utilize for your landscape, check out our website for a complete list and additional resources.

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