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The cold weather is right around the corner — have you secured commercial landscape maintenance services for the winter? U.S. Lawns is your total solution for winter landscaping and maintenance, and our teams of professionals do it all. From snow and ice management to pruning shrubs and ornamental trees, there’s virtually nothing our team doesn’t handle. Here, review a few winter maintenance tips from our experts.

1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Plan for Snow Removal

Snow removal companies take on limited customers in the winter in order to partner with them to preplan their schedules in advance, which allows them to provide the right types of services with the right timing, based on the needs of their commercial customers. Waiting to get onto their lists can mean you’ll need to wait even longer for service after snow falls. Signing up for commercial landscape maintenance services in advance of winter allows time for a visit to your property before the arrival of inclement weather to determine your specific needs.

A great service provider will want to look at your property before snow and ice accumulate so they can learn where curbs, drains, and light posts are to reduce the likelihood of damage later. Creating a “plan” to execute the process may also include a detailed map, deciding on the best ways to communicate, reviewing storm totals from a certified meteorologist, and post-storm follow-up. Keep this advice in mind as you evaluate different commercial landscape maintenance services for the winter.

2. Prepare Your Lawn

It’s important to keep your lawn in good shape for snow and ice once winter arrives. Keep it clear of debris like falling leaves so they don’t become trapped under a layer of snow. Also, keep it nicely-trimmed, and implement a proper fertilization program to build strong roots and maintain a pest-free turf. Measures like this can help your lawn bounce back faster once winter has ended.

3. Make a Plan for Preventing Icy Buildup

In many regions, ice can start to accumulate on walkways, entrances and parking lots before snow arrives. This can be a slip hazard to visitors and residents of your property. Planning ahead, discussing options with a snow management provider, allows you to determine when to start service for applying deicers on walkways and parking lots to prevent icy buildup (using products like sand, salt, or liquid deicer). Also, determine where the snow is safely moved to in the plowing process to prevent melting and re-freeze. Keep main walkways and entrances treated to ensure a safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians.


U.S. Lawns plans ahead for our customers, so we’ll know when to start preventing ice and which products will work best on their properties. Choosing our commercial landscape maintenance services for the winter takes all of the guesswork out of the equation.

4. Trust the Experts at U.S. Lawns

Our customers never need to worry about anything on this list because we create custom winter maintenance plans for each of them. Our teams provide preventive services at regularly scheduled intervals and are on-site to clean up after winter storms so our customers can get back to business quickly. They can also count on us to prepare their irrigation system for winter and get it up and running again for spring (along with other seasonal jobs).


Are you in need of commercial landscape maintenance services for the winter? Contact U.S. Lawns today to see what we can do for your property!

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