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Keeping tenants happy is a year-round job for property managers. Being a property manager means you are the one in charge of balancing a lot of tasks to keep your community clean, crisp, and safe, and a big part of that is choosing lawn care professionals to help you manage your landscape and provide lawn care throughout the seasons. By investing in quality grounds care maintenance services for a reasonable price to help through the winter months, you and tenants in the community will be happy with what they see. Here are a few things U.S. Lawns can help you with this winter to keep up with your lawn care maintenance and prepare for the spring.

Fall Cleanup

Fall is a beautiful time of year, filled with colors, cooler weather, and holidays. But what fall also brings is fallen leaves, and a lot of them too. Leaves can quickly pile up on parking lots, sidewalks, and entryways. We offer fall cleanup services to help keep the leaves under control.

In addition to leaf cleanup, we also help watch for trash that may have been thrown on the ground, and we remove it when we see it. Our services can help property managers get their communities ready for the winter months ahead, so they will have less to worry about once spring comes.

Irrigation Maintenance

Once winter rolls around and freezing temperatures approach, winterizing your irrigation system is essential to ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst. U.S. Lawns offers winterizing services for irrigation, so the pipes will likely stay intact all the way to spring. Our process uses compressed air to assure that all water gets out of the pipes and will be more likely to go throughout winter without issue.

Ornamental Tree Care

A great addition to accentuate buildings and landscapes, ornamental trees also need some attention from lawn care professionals. Although they do not require much, they do need to be trimmed when branches become too long or start to cross over one another. This is why we offer corrective pruning in the wintertime. Corrective pruning services take care of both crossing branch and falling branch adjustments, so you can keep your trees looking perfect even in the wintertime.

Late-Season Feralization

Just because the weather grows colder and your landscape potentially gets covered with snow and ice, it doesn’t mean no lawn care services are needed. The turf growth shuts down on top and concentrates more at the base of the roots, so late-season fertilization helps the roots and the underside of the grass stay in a healthy state. By utilizing this service, grass blades will be ready for growth in the spring and the overall health of the grass will be greater. This service we provide helps strengthen your turf from the root level and helps it survive the long winter months ahead.

Snow and Ice Management

If you are in the northern regions, you know exactly what to expect in the winter months. We offer snow and ice management services throughout the country to help property managers prepare for winter storms and have a plan to keep parking lots, walkways, and driveways clear for your tenants.

By entrusting the lawn care professionals at U.S. Lawns, you can feel more secure through the winter months, and you can relax and look forward to spring.

For some tips about preparing your landscape for winter and finding a location near you, visit our website.

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