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As HOA manager, keeping residents happy and satisfied is your biggest responsibility. The homeowners in your community count on you to keep their property values high, and one way to help do that is through professional landscape maintenance services.

Hire a qualified commercial landscaping company to do more than just cut your grass. Trust the pros to take care of your landscape with all the services that will keep their properties beautiful, functional, and safe. Here are a few ideas of how to spruce up your HOA with professional landscaping.

It’s All in the Details

In the world of landscaping, it’s the details that make all the difference. A clean line, a splash of color, and a clear sightline are all small things that can make a big difference in a property’s appearance. Making small changes like these to an entire HOA – including common spaces and individual yards, where applicable – turns into a big job, which is where a qualified landscaping company comes in.

Adding mulch to flower beds and the area surrounding trees is one example of a detail that makes a big impact. Mulch creates a clean, uniform look that takes your grounds to the next level. And that’s not even to mention the many ways that mulch benefits your soil!

Money Saving

Cutting down costs is always a good thing when you are running on a tight budget. It is easy to overlook the landscape maintenance services that can help you with your budget in the long run. Improving or updating your irrigation system with a smart system can do just that!

A smart system installed by the experts senses moisture in the soil to ensure that none of your plants, grasses, or shrubs are getting overwatered. Not only is overwatering a major waste of water in the United States – an estimate from the EPA say as much as 50% of outdoor watering is wasted – but it can also be expensive! The EPA also estimates that anywhere between 30-70% of your water use in the summer months comes from outdoor watering (depending on your region). A professionally installed and maintained smart irrigation system can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Safety First

Safety is the most important consideration when you manage an HOA and landscaping plays an important role. The walkways and pathways on your properties should be kept level and clear of debris at all times to reduce the hazard for people walking. When shrubs or other plants are overgrown and improperly maintained, they can obstruct these paths causing a hazard.

Another major hazard is snow and ice, which can make walking in cold areas risky. A professional landscaping company has the tools to manage snow and ice in the winter so you don’t even have to think about it when it gets cold.

Believe it or not, trees can also pose a hazard if they aren’t properly groomed. Caring for the trees on your property can include cutting low-hanging branches, which improves the sightline and means your residents don’t have to duck and weave as they walk.

Keeping your HOA safe and reducing liabilities is no doubt a top priority, and professional landscape maintenance services like these can help you do that.

Find yourself in need of high-quality professional landscaping for your HOA? Get in touch with U.S. Lawns. Our locations all over the country can do more than just cut your grass. Trust us to create the landscape that makes you and your residents happy.

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