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Use the colors of annual flowers to attract customers to your property. The quality of your landscape is often the first thing people see when they are approaching your commercial property or business, so it’s important to make a statement. Obviously, you want to make sure the grass is mowed regularly and looks green and healthy. The trees and shrubs should be neatly trimmed, and your grounds clear of weeds and debris. But one very effective way to attract attention to your property is by utilizing the colors of annual flowers in your landscape.

Whether you’re a commercial property owner or manager, a facility manager or you’re responsible for keeping occupancy rates up in an apartment community, office building or retail space, your company has specific goals. You want to utilize all the means at your disposal to achieve them – starting with making the right first impression.

Make focal points pop with the right seasonal color

Do you want your grounds to stand out from the surrounding competition? Or, do you need to draw attention to your company’s signage, or the entrance to your community or facility? Adding the right seasonal color in just the right place can really make focal points pop. Our U.S. Lawns professionals understand how to use annual flowers to best accomplish just that.

We can line sidewalks and pathways with brightly blooming flowers, or if your entryway is small, we can use colorful container plants around entrances to complement the building or your hardscape features. We can also use annuals around trees and shrubs or to draw special attention to important signage around your grounds; or to make specific locations easy to spot; and of course, to help beautify the grounds with flower beds filled with annuals.

Why annuals?

  1. The whys for using annuals, especially in a commercial landscaping setting are many:
  2. You can replace them on a seasonal basis, so there is always fresh color.
  3. They offer variety and versatility in color, shape and size that can be expertly planted in flower beds to create an eye-catching pattern.
  4. Annuals can be a cost-effective way to create an inviting atmosphere that draws customers and makes your property memorable.
  5. There are annual flowers for virtually every type of climate and environment.
  6. Annuals tend to have a longer blooming period than perennials.

What’s the difference between annual flowers and perennials?

The short answer is this:

  1. The complete life cycle of annuals is just one season, but they bloom for a long time.
  2. Perennial plants can live for many seasons.

Now here’s an interesting point. Depending on climate and growing conditions, some plants can be both annuals and perennials:

In the Northern zones, some plants like fuchsias are not hearty enough to survive the harsh winter temperatures but will grow and thrive for years in southern regions.

Alternatively, some plants such as certain varieties of lavender require the winter dormancy stage to come back and bloom in the spring or summer.

Then there are favored and popular annuals like begonias and marigolds that have a one-season lifecycle and can thrive almost everywhere.

There’s so much to know, but the good news is, commercial landscape management experts at U.S. Lawns can make it easy for you. As a locally owned national brand, we live in your neighborhood, so we know what will thrive and we’re committed to being a true business friend – getting to know you and to understand your goals. That’s how we help you save time, energy, headaches and your budget.

So take advantage of the planting seasons to help your property look beautiful and inviting. Start early to put a plan in place that works for you and your company.

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