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If you are considering commercial landscaping services, you may be wondering if they’re right for your property. Here at U.S. Lawns, we provide lawn and landscaping services to a variety of different commercial properties, and we can help you figure out if we’re the best choice for yours. Here are six questions you can answer to find out if you need professional commercial landscaping services.

commercial landscaping services

Do You Own or Manage a Commercial or Retail Property?

We offer services to both commercial and retail properties that are looking to maintain or improve their landscape. In addition to performing routine landscape maintenance services, U.S. Lawns also offers landscape improvements like adding flowers and ornamental trees to brighten entryways and create shady walkways. We can also plant ornamental grass and shrubs on parking lot islands or grass if there is an area for it. Regardless of the commercial or retail property you’re responsible for, if you’ve got outdoor grounds to manage, you likely need commercial landscaping services on some level.

How Important is Curb Appeal?

Landscaping is important to commercial and retail establishments because it adds curb appeal that draws in customers. If you own a retail center, you want to help your tenants get new customers and hold onto existing ones, so that they’ll stay on your property. Through commercial landscaping services, you can help! By adding fresh, seasonal color, your property will stand out more to tenants while enticing customers. For those establishments with individual entryways, think about making them more welcoming with potted flowers or ornamental trees.

Do You Have an Area for Planted or Potted Flowers?

If you have areas where you could add some color with a flower bed or some potted flowers, take advantage of it. Flowers are great for adding that splash of brightness that commercial and retail properties need. Places near benches or outdoor waiting areas are also perfect locations for people to enjoy potted or planted flowers.

Do You Have a Hardscape?

A hardscape can serve as a gathering place for your customers, and the best way to create an inviting one is with commercial landscaping services. If you have a hardscape area, we can help you maintain it by keep weeds down, adding a few strategically placed plants, and addressing any drainage issues.

Do You Have Signage and Entry Points which Require Good Visibility?

If your ornamental trees or shrubs are overgrown, you may need commercial landscaping services. You don’t want your signs to be obscured by branches, and open sight lines at ingress and egress points are a must. And by keeping trees and shrubbery regularly trimmed, you’re also making your grounds safer by eliminating potential eye pokers and falling branches while ensuring clear visibility of important signage such as stop signs, pedestrian signs, and handicapped signs.

Do You Have Sidewalks that Need to Be Shoveled in the Winter?

Although snow and ice services and not always immediately associated with landscaping, if you experience winter weather, you know the importance of keeping parking lots and walkways accessible. Fortunately, when you call U.S. Lawns for commercial landscaping services, we can help with your winter grounds care too. We offer snow and ice management services, moving snow and treating sidewalks, outdoor stairways and parking lots. We’ll also perform other winter services like winterizing your irrigation system to help you avoid costly repairs caused by the cold weather.

There’s a lot that property owners and managers depend on commercial landscaping services for, and if you answered yes to any of the questions above, those services are exactly what you need. Your local U.S. Lawns will help you get the right lawn and landscaping services for your commercial property by creating a plan that fits your grounds and your budget.

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