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Protect your turf, plants, shrubs and trees with an effective fertilization program

Protecting the health of your commercial grounds’ turf, trees and other plantings serves multiple purposes by:

• Keeping your property looking lush, beautiful and free of weeds.
• Giving your greenery the proper nutrition to live out its optimal lifespan.
• Making your grass, shrubs, trees and plants resistant to pests and disease.
• Giving you the most out your landscaping budget.

Any one of these is grounds to execute an effective fertilization program, but all these reasons combined make proper and consistent fertilization an imperative.

Understand the different fertilizer options available

 With all the different options of fertilizer available, it’s important to understand the differences. While all fertilizer is composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which are all necessary nutrients for your turf, plants and trees, the amount of each of these three components will differ, depending on the needs of your property’s specific varieties of grass and other plantings–and you may even have to use different fertilizers for certain plants and trees.

In addition to the different ingredient amounts, there are also different fertilizer types:

Liquid fertilizer – a fast acting option which doesn’t need time to break down.

Granular fertilizer – formulated to release nutrients over time.

Organic fertilizer – composed of organic materials that naturally decompose.

Synthetic fertilizer – which can be less costly while also being more quickly absorbed.

The best fertilizer options for your grass, trees and plants will vary, based on climate and soil conditions as well as vegetation varieties; and while it is recommended to fertilize at least once in early springtime and again in early autumn, your unique plant life may need additional applications throughout the year.

Effective fertilization also incorporates weed, disease and pest control

On top of feeding your turf, trees and shrubs the proper blend of nutrients, other vital plant health services can be incorporated without harm to the flora you want to keep, including:

Pest control – to repel, discourage and eliminate infestation of harmful insects and other pests.

Fungus and disease control – to treat and prevent fungal infections and other diseases before they can become a damaging and costly issue.

Weed control – with pre-emergents to prevent weeds from emerging and taking hold as well applications to eliminate existing weeds.

Fertilization is best left to the professionals

 Although there are plenty of consumer fertilizer options, there are very good reasons to leave the fertilization of your commercial landscape to your professional landscape maintenance team.

First, it’s crucial to properly assess and identify the current levels of potassium, nitrogen and other nutrients in your soil; and it’s equally important to know what your specific turf, trees, plants and shrubs need for optimum health. The professionals have the expertise to test pH levels and understand which fertilizer type(s) and blend(s) are going to be the most effective.

Secondly, commercial landscape management professionals have the equipment for the most efficient fertilizer application as well as the buying power to get the best pricing. They are further certified to safely blend other needed solutions (i.e. pre-emergent herbicides and pest and disease treatments) into the fertilizer to minimize the number of hours it requires to provide well-rounded plant health services on a regular basis.

So, unless you have the time, specialized equipment and education to handle the job yourself, the smart move is to entrust your landscape to the professionals. Contact U.S. Lawns today and we’ll work with you to develop and execute an effective fertilization program tailored to keeping your soil, turf and other flora thriving season after season.

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