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If you think your commercial property’s lawn has seen better days, many issues could be the root of the problem. It’s important to work with an expert commercial landscape maintenance team to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately to ensure you are provided effective solutions. U.S. Lawns has been in the landscape business since 1986, and you won’t find better experts than our teams. Here, learn about a few of the common causes of lackluster lawns.


Pest Infestations

Many pests like to make their homes in lush commercial lawns, and many, like chinch bugs, sod webworms, grubs, and armyworms, feed on grass stems. Over time, this can cause lawns to become patchy and unhealthy. Our teams can identify the problem and develop custom pest management plans to address the problem to stop further damaging your lawn.

When you trust U.S. Lawns with your commercial landscape maintenance, you can also count on us to look for early signs of pest infestations so we can eliminate them quickly before they spread.

Inadequate Watering

There’s always a chance that your lawn isn’t getting the water it needs, either because your irrigation system isn’t set up to water every area thoroughly, or because it’s not watering enough or at the right times. Our teams will assess your irrigation system to recommend improvements you can make for better results.

Sometimes, if your irrigation system is watering the entire lawn but it’s not watering at the right times, a smart irrigation system with environmental and atmospheric sensors can ensure your lawn is never parched — it can even save you money on your water bill.

Whether you decide to upgrade or stick with the one you have, our commercial landscape maintenance teams will care for your irrigation system every season, ensuring it’s always operating at peak performance.

Overly Dense Soil

If your lawn is getting enough water and it’s still brown and patchy, it may be unable to absorb nutrients from the soil. One common reason for this problem is the soil has become too densely packed. In this situation, it’s hard for air and water to penetrate the soil enough for grass to absorb their benefits. 

Lawn aeration is a process of poking holes in compacted soil to allow for better absorption of water, air, and nutrients to turf roots, resulting in deeper roots and stronger, denser turf. As part of your commercial landscape maintenance plan, our teams will keep a close eye on your soil density and let you know when it’s time to aerate your lawn.

Want to learn why your lawn isn’t looking its best? Contact us to set up a visit from our team.

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