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We don’t have to tell you that being the owner or manager of a business requires wearing a lot of hats and working hard to keep things running smoothly. A major goal of many business owners and managers is to add value to their businesses. There are a number of ways to go about this; running the gamut from how you present your business with commercial landscaping, to how you treat your customers. Take a look at these three ways to add value to your business, and think about what you can implement right away.

1. Commercial Landscaping

Before your customers even walk through your doors, you are sending a message about your business. First impressions matter, and one of the easiest ways to make an outstanding first impression is by having a well-designed and maintained property surrounding your building.

An unkempt lawn or walkway strewn with fallen leaves tells your customers that you don’t pay much attention to details. A customer sees your outdoor setting as an extension of your business, so using the landscape to express your good taste welcomes your customers as they walk up to your door.

Sometimes, good commercial landscaping is completely unobtrusive, so that the customer doesn’t notice it at all. Other times, lavish gardens and acres of smooth grass create the impression of luxury for your clients. Whatever it is that you are trying to communicate to your clients, your landscape is an extension of that message.

2. Convenience

From self-checkouts, to mobile orders, to tap-to-pay systems, today’s consumers are looking for convenience. The expectation of convenience is almost standard now, as consumers are used to having so many options—not only for shopping, but also for virtually any other product or service.

An easy way to up your business’ convenience factor is to be easy to reach. Answering your phone is a good place to start, but responding to messages and reviews on your social media sites is necessary to connect with your younger customers. Be easy to get ahold of, or your customers will go somewhere else.

3. Customer Service

Whether you are a mechanic or a banker, restaurant manager or grocery store clerk, the first thing you know about your job is that outstanding customer service is critical. Consumers have so many options for where they spend their money that they are not going to patronize a business where they aren’t treated well.

Excellent customer service comes in many forms. Smiling at customers, speaking to them politely, and connecting with them on a personal level all go a long way to show customers that they are more than dollar signs in the eyes of your business. When you treat customers well they will return, adding value to your business.

For more ideas on how to add value to your business through landscaping, check out the range of services that U.S. Lawns offers our commercial clients.

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