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Do you have summer landscaping plans in place for your commercial property? You should. U.S. Lawns provides year-round landscaping services, ensuring that your property looks its best in every season. With summer approaching, we help property owners and managers keep their grounds looking beautiful and staying healthy. We provide regularly scheduled services in preparation for and throughout the summer.

1. Water Conservation

No one wants to waste water – it’s hard on the environment and increases your utility bill. One of the easiest and most important ways to save water on your property is to ensure your irrigation system is always operating efficiently. We make sure irrigation systems are in good working order throughout the year, and that all zones are scheduled for the right amount of water. We also evaluate systems to see if they could be improved with smart technology. New irrigation systems use soil and atmospheric sensors, rather than timers, to turn themselves on and off. The result is, there’s never a need to worry about over or underwatering.

We ensure irrigation systems and zones are properly watering all plants with just the right amount of water. Keeping your trees, shrubs, plants and grass watered adequately in the scorching summer months is crucial to keeping them all healthy. Irrigation is a critical part of caring for commercial landscape plants in the summer.

2. Spring Cleanup

Winter can leave grounds looking stressed from severe weather. Once the growing season starts, services like fertilizing and mulching ensure plants get the right nutrients are retain moisture during the warm months. Proper mowing heights and edging keep your grounds looking well groomed. Our team schedules applications of nutrients and pest controls to keep your grounds at the peak of health.

Our teams have decades of experience caring for countless varieties of plants and grasses. You can count on us to spot signs of trouble early on and implement solutions to keep your landscape healthy.

3. Landscape Improvements

Summer is a great time to add new features to your landscape, a great way to increase curb appeal and draw in visitors. With more people out and about, seize the opportunity to get their attention and generate some positive buzz for your commercial property with beautiful summer landscaping.

U.S. Lawns can add enhancements like seating areas, xeriscapes, rain gardens, paver pathways, and water features to give areas of your property a tranquil feeling. If there’s an addition you’ve been considering, summer is a great time to get it done.

Xeriscapes and rain gardens are excellent choices for summer. We’ll help identify native plants that would thrive on your landscape with less maintenance and often less watering. These are a great way to incorporate regional beauty into your property while also saving valuable resources.

These are just three examples of popular summer landscaping services that we offer for commercial properties. Contact U.S. Lawns today to learn more about what we can do for you this season and beyond. 

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