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It’s never too early to start planning for the commercial landscaping services you’ll need next season. Is your property ready for the scorching summer heat? Our customers’ properties are! Here are a few things to do now to prepare. 

1. Get Your Irrigation System Working at Peak Performance

One of the best things you can do to get ready for summer is to evaluate your irrigation system. First, you’ll want to ensure that it’s in good working order and hasn’t been damaged over the winter (one of our snow and ice management services is winterizing your system). If it’s working just fine, take some time to observe how well it’s meeting your needs: Is it set up to properly hydrate all areas of your property? Will it waste water?

We help our clients to make determinations like these. U.S. Lawns can assess your irrigation system and ensure that it’s providing your landscape with the hydration it needs to flourish throughout the summer months. If necessary, we can help you upgrade to a smart system that’s designed to save water. Using technology like soil and atmospheric sensors, these new systems are designed to keep your grounds hydrated without ever overwatering. 

2. Plant Flowers and Trees Now

Spring is a great time for planting new additions to your landscape. Many beautiful seasonal flowers flourish throughout the spring and summer, and planting now can ensure that they’re in full bloom when summer arrives. U.S. Lawns helps our customers find and care for the plants they want. Our connections with your local nurseries give us access to a wide range of popular annuals, ornamental trees, shrubs – just about anything that will grow in your area! Our teams have the expertise to help them enjoy a long and healthy lifespan.

3. Get Your Lawn into Shape with Professional Commercial Landscaping Services

It’s common for lawns to look patchy and dull after winter. That’s because grass often goes dormant during the colder months, with old leaves dying and growth slowing. It’s normal to start the spring with a less than beautiful lawn, but it’s important to take steps early on to restore it to its full glory. 

Now is the time to assess its health and determine if actions like aerating and seeding are necessary. Treatments like these can get your lawn into healthy shape before long. U.S. Lawns works with our customers throughout the year, so we’re able to develop a plan early to get their lawn looking its best. Our commercial landscaping services cover all your lawn care needs.

Our commercial landscaping services can help get your property ready for summer, and snow and ice management services get you through winter. Contact us today to set up a customized package for your landscape.

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