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Are you thinking of contracting professional commercial lawn care services? If so, you should also consider how improving your irrigation system can help you get the most bang for your landscaping buck. If your property isn’t properly irrigated, you could be wasting money AND doing damage to your lawn. Here’s a quick look at how U.S. Lawns can help you to upgrade your irrigation systems in addition to the commercial lawn care services we’re famous for.

#1. Regular Maintenance to Keep Things Running Smoothly

Just like any other part of your property, irrigation systems need regular maintenance. If they’re not properly cared for, they can stop working properly over time or all of a sudden. For instance, maintaining your irrigation systems can help prevent common problems like clogs, which can be time-consuming and costly to locate.

Other common maintenance includes winterizing and de-winterizing. If irrigation systems aren’t properly blown out (i.e. all the water removed) over the winter, the pipes can be permanently damaged, requiring expensive replacement systems to be installed.

At U.S. Lawns, we’re experts in maintaining irrigation systems. When you partner with us for the commercial lawn care services you need, you can also count on us to keep your system running smoothly year-round.

#2. Upgrade to a Smart Irrigation System

Are you interested in helping the environment? How about saving money? Upgrading to a smart irrigation system can help you to do both! Traditional irrigation systems are often set according to a timer that dictates when and how long sprinklers will be turned on. This system can lead to massive amounts of wasted water due to over-watering — these systems aren’t able to sense when plants have been thoroughly watered, and will continue to operate even when your landscape is hydrated.

Smart irrigation systems work differently. There are several different types of sensors that can determine when your landscape has been thoroughly watered, and will turn water off accordingly. For instance, some smart systems work similarly to the timed systems of the past. However, they’ll sense when the soil is moist enough and shut the system off automatically instead of running until the timer is up. On the other hand, other sensors don’t even require a timer. The system monitors the soil’s moisture levels at all times, and when it becomes too dry the system is turned on and off automatically as-needed.

#3. Irrigation Controllers

All plants are not created equal, and not every landscape will require the same amount of water. Irrigation controllers allow you to customize your irrigation system even further by taking into account the types of plants you need to water. U.S. Lawns knows all about plants, and our experts can help you to make the most of an irrigation controller — helping to save you water and money in the process. If you have, or are interested in having, a variety of flora in your landscape, irrigation controllers are a great upgrade for you.

U.S. Lawns has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the commercial irrigation services your property needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can beautify your property year-round!

Download our guide to learn some helpful things our professional teams can do to winterize your landscape for the season.

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