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Are your grounds looking lackluster? You might be in need of commercial landscape irrigation services. If your irrigation system isn’t up to par, your plants could seem a little less vibrant. If it’s been 10+ years since you upgraded your system, it could be time to rethink your irrigation plan. U.S. Lawns is here to help, whether that means installing a new system altogether or retrofitting your existing one.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Commercial Landscape Irrigation System

Our partner, Weathermatic, estimates that there are 12,000,000 outdated irrigation systems in need of upgrades in the U.S. For one thing, landscapes are alive, and yours has likely changed since the last time you upgraded your irrigation system. Plants grow larger, sidewalks and hardscapes are added, and new plants are integrated. As a result, your watering needs have probably evolved.

Furthermore, there have been incredible advances in smart commercial landscape irrigation technology in the last 10 years. We’ve seen it all over our 30+ years in the industry and we’re always amazed at what today’s systems can do:

Smart sensors take climate, sun and shade, wind, and atmospheric moisture into account – they’re full-blown weather stations! These systems determine how much water will be put out to help businesses meet sustainability initiatives. Best of all, they can program their controllers from a distance using their smartphones, so they don’t have to run around and physically turn off their system when it rains.

Smart systems allow commercial properties to help the environment while also saving money, and U.S. Lawns can manage your upgrade.

Our Partnership with Weathermatic

While our crews are flexible and can help set you up with your choice of smart irrigation systems, we’re proud to have a partnership with Weathermatic, one of the leading producers in the industry. They utilize the latest technology to develop systems designed to pay for themselves in maintenance and utility savings.

As part of our partnership with Weathermatic, U.S. Lawns customers have the option to lease their smart system, paying for it over time rather than all at once. This option makes smart irrigation technology accessible to more businesses, so they don’t need to wait to start saving water and seeing a more vibrant landscape.

Their investment in a Weathermatic system comes with a lot of education on how to use the system effectively, as well as analysis on payback calculations to show how long it will take to get that investment back.

When you contact us, our local crew will visit your property and assess your existing system. From there, we can provide recommendations on how best to upgrade your irrigation system to meet your long-term needs. Whatever option you decide on, we’ll be there to help you see it through.

For more information on commercial landscape irrigation, contact U.S. Lawns today.

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