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The Partnership Between U.S. Lawns And Toro / Exmark Has Been Offering Big Advantages For Decades

Our recent updates have been focused on the power of the U.S. Lawns network, and all of the advantages it offers, which we’re very proud of. So, as we round out the series, we’ve decided to share another important perspective from Dan Dorn of Toro / Exmark, who is one of our most trusted longtime partners. 

What is Dorn’s role in our national network? In his words, “We help them with building their fleets so that they can have the consistency of the models along with consistency of image. I also work with new franchise owners when they come into the system to try to make sure that they’re choosing the right product that will fit their properties best, keeping productivity, efficiency but more importantly, safety in mind. So, I connect the franchise owners with our dealers, be they Exmark or Toro, and make sure that they’ve got the latest, greatest knowledge of our equipment.” 

Dan Dorn: Connector, Advisor, Educator, And True Business Friend

While this already seems like quite a lot, Dan takes it even further, acting as an advisor and true business friend, which aligns perfectly with U.S. Lawns’ core values. He’s on a mission to help U.S. Lawns franchises grow, succeed, and provide superior landscape management services for commercial properties all across the nation.

As Dorn explained, “You know it’s hard enough to start a new business, just with cash flows and whatnot, so we consult with them and try to make sure that we assist them in the best way possible to use the capital that they invest for the highest gain and reward.” 

The Right Landscaping Equipment Makes A Big Impact

One example he shared is his commitment to educating U.S. Lawns commercial landscape management franchise owner-operators about the different landscaping equipment available, what will work best for the properties they serve, and the benefits of switching from carbureted mowers to fuel injected mowers, which include: 

  • Less fuel usage – which directly impacts operational costs.
  • Greater equipment longevity – resulting in a better return on investment.
  • Lower carbon emissions – making a real contribution to air quality and protecting our environment. 

In addition to environmental and budgetary impacts, Dan also mentioned how influential landscaping tools and equipment can be on employee safety and retention, saying, “It’s also important to look at employees; the type of product, the ease of use, and comfort–when you find good workers, you’ve got to put the right tools in their hands to get the highest value of performance that they can deliver.” 

Comfort, Ease Of Use, Safety And Training Are Key To Performance

Which is a perfect segue into the subject of safety. According to Dan, “Safety is a big part of it. I’ll ask many times when franchise owners talk with me, ‘Okay, what does the property consist of? Does it have water? Does it have hillsides? Does it have retaining walls? What are the danger zones?’ Then we talk about the different products that they should consider using there, and where my products shouldn’t be placed–there may be an alternative product to ours that is better suited for that job.” Yes, Dorn has no problem recommending other brands if it means keeping people safe; have we mentioned that he’s a true business friend?

Dan also recognizes that in addition to the right products, training plays a major part in safety, making it another factor he takes into consideration when he is connecting our landscape maintenance professionals with a local Toro / Exmark dealership. 

Keeping Everyone Up-to-date And Feeling Valued

His goal is to align each U.S. Lawns franchisee with the dealer that has the expertise and capabilities necessary to provide the training each landscaping team needs to operate effectively–and we know first-hand that keeping our landscape maintenance crews skilled, giving them tools that are comfortable and easy to use, and teaching them how to get the most out of those tools leads to higher morale and elevated self-worth, which reflects in the quality of work they deliver every day. 

In fact, Toro / Exmark hosts training seminars at different locations throughout the country, and Dorn always ensures that U.S. Lawns franchise owners receive an invitation. They also hold regional meetings to showcase new products and take advantage of yet another opportunity to spend time explaining why it’s so crucially important to tighten belt shields in place; make sure all the safety switches are functioning as they should be; and the reason operator positioning is so critical to safety. 

Why All Of This Matters

Now, why does any of this really matter to you? Because whether you’re a U.S. Lawns customer, a U.S. Lawns franchise owner or team member, a supplier-partner of U.S. Lawns, or a member of a community we serve, we’ve all forged a strong bond that pays big dividends to everyone involved:

We all work together to improve communities and improve lives, and the incredible synergy this mission creates is making our world a noticeably better place. If you’re interested in becoming part of something much greater, get in touch with us today!

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