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Running a hotel or any business means you have a lot on your plate. From dealing with employees to handling guest complaints to staying within your budget, your job pulls you in hundreds of directions every day. When it comes to commercial grounds care services, you don’t have time to deal with a different vendor for each little thing.

So why are you? Here are the top reasons that we hear for working with multiple vendors, and how U.S. Lawns eliminates your need for all the other vendors.

“Vendors Offer Limited Services”

One of the biggest issues in the commercial landscaping world are vendors offering limited services or specializing in just one thing, leaving property owners to contract with several different companies. Let us give you a little breakdown of the industry:

Strictly lawn care versus lawn maintenance providers do not cut anything. They just “fert and squirt,” meaning they apply fertilizer and do some pest control. Lawn maintenance contractors also cut and prune on a regular basis.

The tree guys don’t spray anything and won’t care for your lawn. They want to do big tree work – for example, removing large trees altogether or trimming branches that are very high up – and are less interested in small trimming jobs. Arbor care requires a license in many areas.

An irrigation specialist is a one trick pony. Even though this profession is also licensed, working with one person just for irrigation is silly because they do not do anything else.

None of these specialties will plant anything. Nor will they do the regular maintenance to keep your landscape looking great.

U.S. Lawns, on the other hand, offers each and every one of these services, all under one roof. We cut, plant, spray, fertilize, trim trees, handle irrigation, maintain the beauty of your grounds, and everything else in between. We carry the appropriate licenses for arbor care and irrigation, so there is no need to call any of these other guys. Forget them and go with a one-stop shop for everything your grounds need.

“My In-House Team Handles the Majority of the Work”

Many hotel owners and managers have an in-house team that handles some of the day-to-day lawn care and maintenance. Because they do not need the full range of commercial grounds care services, they are subcontracting the work that requires licensure, like irrigation and tree work. Even if your hotel only needs these specialized services, working with a different vendor for each one is unnecessary.

Work with just U.S. Lawns for these services and you will still get the high quality work that you need with the convenience of only dealing with one business instead of several.

“I Own/Manage Properties in Different Regions”

We often hear from property owners and managers who are responsible for multiple properties across regional and even state lines. Many are surprised to learn that there is a company that can provide a full spectrum of commercial grounds care services to all their properties, wherever they are located.

U.S. Lawns is a national brand with locations in nearly every state, so we can service properties virtually everywhere. Our more than 250 locations equip us to be the only company that can fulfill multi-location contracts across the nation.

“My Property Has Different Needs in Different Seasons”

Seasons change and so do your landscaping needs. As we have already mentioned, different vendors offer different services, so when the seasons are changing it might seem logical to go with several different vendors. This comes up most often with snow and ice contractors in the winter. There is no shortage of snow contractors who work exclusively in the winter months managing snow and ice on your properties.

Are you surprised to learn that U.S. Lawns does snow and ice management on top of everything else? We truly do everything to take care of your properties year round, so you can forget the snow guy, too.

It’s time to send all your other landscaping vendors a “Dear John” letter, and call U.S. Lawns for a free proposal.

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