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Keep Your Landscape Thriving With An Irrigation System Designed To Provide The Right Amount Of Hydration To Each, Unique Watering Zone

If you’ve been following our blog, you may remember a recent article we published about the importance of proper fertilization. You may also recall that we discussed the major role water plays in delivering nutrients to the greenery. Truly, one of the best ways you can keep your landscape thriving is by making sure your irrigation system is designed to provide the right amount of hydration to each, unique watering zone. 

Since water has such a big influence over the health of your landscape, we asked U.S. Lawns Franchisee Advisor Greg Hutson to share his expert insights on irrigation, which he has decades of in-depth experience with–starting with why irrigation is so important.

A Properly Operating Irrigation System Is Critical To Plant Health And Longevity

In short, Hutson states it best with, “It’s like we talked about with fertilizers; keeping the turf, plants, shrubs, and trees healthy is the greatest defense against pests and drought, so it’s a part of maintaining a healthy and strong landscape. 

Greg continues, “When you’re putting out fertilizers, pre-emergers or other plant health products and you can water it in and you’re increasing the efficiency of the fertilizer or the control product; if you leave it on the ground, the sun starts breaking it down and you’ll actually lose some of the nitrogen value of the product, so the faster you get everything watered in, the more efficient they’ll be.”  

While this is reason enough to make sure you’re protecting your landscaping investment with a well-functioning irrigation system, in addition to getting the greatest efficiency out of control products and ensuring the longest lifespan for your plant life, there are also environmental reasons.  

A Well-Functioning Irrigation System Conserves Water Usage

With many regions experiencing widespread drought, water usage has become highly regulated. In fact, there are many states and municipalities with watering restrictions in place, and as Hutson says, “In some states now, especially in the west with the water like it is, they’re very strict; they have a set schedule for whatever zip code you’re in  and if you stray from that and get caught, the first time it’s like a three hundred dollar fine and the next time they shut your water off; they will even fine you and shut your system down if it’s spraying on the sidewalk. I mean they don’t play.” 

Nor should they have to, especially with the availability of smart irrigation systems that can be programmed and managed from smartphones, tablets and laptop or desktop computers. But simple operation is not all you can expect out of today’s irrigation systems, just look at a few features that make them indispensable to every commercial landscape: 

  • Wireless programming and the ability to adjust and operate from almost any device and any location.
  • The system will shut down and send out an alert if there is a water leak or other malfunction.
  • Location identification of any wiring damage, which can sometimes occur with a lightning strike (and is not nearly as fast and easy to find if you need to use a manual locater).
  • Smart technology that allows you to input key influencers like:
    • Soil type
    • Sunlight to shade ratios
    • Plant type (i.e. turf, trees, shrubs, flower beds, etc.)
  • Weather stations that will prevent the system from watering when it is raining.

Now, while this may sound like a costly endeavor with the substantial upfront investment required, according to Hutson, time studies have proven that a smart irrigation system will pay for itself within two to three years, just with savings in the water bill. 

Regular Maintenance And Simple Updates To Your Irrigation System Can Make A World Of Difference 

But for most commercial properties that have existing irrigation systems, even having regular maintenance performed and perhaps doing some simple updates can make a world of difference. 

Irrigation Maintenance services include monthly inspections of key irrigation system components like valves, lines, rotors and spray heads to ensure everything is in good working order; as well as replacing filters, making adjustments and any necessary repairs. 

Seasonal Irrigation Shutdown and Startup are also specialized services that must happen in any region that experiences frigid temperatures. Proper winterization of your irrigation system includes blowing moisture from the system which prevents water from freezing, expanding and causing breaks. 

Greg also shared with us that he always takes advantage of the opportunity during Spring Startup to note parts like sprinklers and valves that need to be replaced, and his team will also identify where the irrigation system could benefit from upgrades.  

Speaking of Irrigation System Upgrades, you can retrofit to add rain sensors and other smart technology, to improve functionality without breaking the bank. Some other upgrades may include:

  • The replacement of older, less efficient valves, rotors, controllers and other components.
  • As trees and plants grow, their water requirements change which may mean adding new watering zones or adjusting watering time.
  • When shrub beds mature the sprayers will need risers installed to them to ensure the water can continue to reach designated areas. 

U.S. Lawns: A Commercial Water Management Partner You Can Depend On

 Your greatest challenge here is knowing when the time is right to have updates performed. Fortunately, with a commercial water management partner like U.S. Lawns taking care of your irrigation system, you’ll be receiving regular updates along with assistance with planning ahead and budgeting for the eventuality. 

What’s more, you can take comfort in the knowledge that we understand when it comes to watering your landscape, little details like the time of day, the kind of flora, the soil type, the amount of sun versus shade the zone receives, and even the ambient temperature and humidity matter, so we stay on top of every bit of it. 

If you’re ready for a team of landscaping professionals you can rely on to make sure your irrigation system is doing its part to keep your commercial landscape in optimum health, get in touch with us today. We’re standing ready to serve!

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