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We are a leading commercial lawn care company for a reason, and that is because customers know and trust us with all the landscaping their commercial property needs. Whether you are a homeowner’s association (HOA) manager, a property manager, or a hotel manager, we’ve got landscape and lawn care services that can help you make your property beautiful and keep it that way. Here’s what we offer our customers and why we stand out as a commercial lawn and landscape company.

What We Offer to Our Customers

We can service pretty much any commercial landscape that comes our way. Whether its simple enhancements like adding flowers or lawn maintenance to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green, we’ve got you covered! Because of our nationwide network, we can offer commercial lawn care and landscaping services for multiple properties, so if you are a property manager, you can use one company for your entire portfolio.

In addition to just making sure your landscape stays green, we also offer snow and ice management for properties in the northern states. Snow and ice management is imperative to making sure your landscape stays healthy through the winter. It is also important to keep ice and snow out of areas where tenants may be walking around.

History of the Brand

We started down in Orlando, Florida, in 1986, and one year later we already had our first franchise location. By 1993, we had ten franchises all throughout the state. Our 30 years in the industry has led to the growth of over 250 locations around the United States, multiple awards and accolades, and features on the Franchise 500 list. We put time and care into our franchise owners to make sure they are delivering quality and consistent services at each location across the country.

All U.S. Lawns owners go through training to make sure each one understands the values we hold and the mission we have. We are united under the national strength of a brand name that is 250 locations strong, but each owner has a local commitment to the community they serve and the customers within it. Our national strength and local commitment are things we hold very dearly, and our brand has gotten where it is today because of that.

Our Mission and Vision

We are a leading commercial lawn care franchise for a reason – we care about our customers. Our goal is always to have 100% client satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we make sure our owners have everything they need to bring the best service to their customers. One thing that we implemented for our franchisees is an intranet that allows all 250 owners to communicate with one another and share their best practices. This means that if you manage properties in different towns or even states, your commercial landscaping providers can communicate with one another.

In addition to communicating with each other, our franchise owners also communicate proactively with their customers to make sure they address everything that has to do with their landscape. Our owners have everything necessary to ensure that every customer has the commercial landscaping services they need within the budget they want.

If you are looking for commercial lawn care or landscaping services, look no further than U.S. Lawns! Find the nearest location to your properties and contact them today!




  • February 28, 2019
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