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There’s no doubt that spring and summer are some of our favorite seasons in the commercial landscaping industry. Vibrant green grass, bright seasonal color, and blossoming trees are a welcome change from dreary winter landscapes. Smart commercial property managers ensure a spring cleanup is added to their annual maintenance contract, along with any enhancements. This way, they can make the most of the season and get their property into shape. A spring cleanup is a wise investment.   Cleaning up the winter debris and improving your landscape aesthetics will provide a jumpstart for the rest of the year.

How is Your Lawn Holding Up?

Many lawns emerge from winter looking less than their best. Turf areas require special services which help them recover quicker and ensure that they’re healthy. An initial mowing will clean up leaves, sticks, and twigs that have accumulated over the winter improving the lawn. Furthermore, disease, weeds, and pests can spread quickly if left unchecked. So why wait? Schedule a spring cleanup now to get your lawn healthy and looking its best.

Is Your Irrigation System Up and Running?

Our teams help customers get their irrigation systems back into shape after winter by evaluating systems for optimum performance. For instance, if a blowout was performed on the system before freezing, it will need to be primed again. Once the system is under pressure, we take the opportunity to inspect for any signs of damage and assess how effective your current irrigation system is. If it’s necessary, we can work with you to perform any repairs. We can even help you upgrade nozzles, spray heads, rotors, and controllers to improve the efficiency of your system, allowing you to provide better hydration to your landscape while also conserving water. 

How Would Spring Cleanup Impact Your Landscape?

Spring is a great time for landscape enhancements big and small. U.S. Lawns is well-equipped to provide just about any enhancement services our clients need.

For instance, flowers add to curb appeal and invite visitors to stop and check out your property. Our teams have connections with local nurseries to find you the annuals you want, and they know just when to plant and how to care for flowers to ensure that you enjoy their maximum lifespan.

It’s also an especially good time to plant and care for ornamental trees. Cherry trees, rose trees, Virginia creepers, and wisterias all benefit from careful pruning in the springtime. The proper care now can ensure that they look great throughout the year.

Mulch is another important springtime consideration. Mulching in the springtime can prevent soil erosion, improve your soil and plant health, and even better prepare your property for next winter! 

In addition to these (and many other) enhancements, U.S. Lawns can assess your hardscapes for any winter damage and can facilitate repairs or upgrades should they be needed. If your parking lot or sidewalks sustained winter damage, our crews can likely help repair them while we’re taking care of your spring cleanup.

Ready to schedule a spring cleanup for your commercial property? Contact U.S. Lawns today!

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