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First impressions matter, and landscaping is one of the first things that your customers see when they drive by or walk up to your business. Commercial lawn care services can benefit your brand by giving your customers a taste of the quality and attention to detail that your business is all about. The grounds and landscaping send a clear message to your customers, so this is not an area to overlook.

These are some of the ways that landscaping impacts your brand.

Create a Brand Image

It is no secret that when a space looks nice, people are more attracted to it. If people like how your property looks and how it makes them feel, it will create a certain perception around your brand. Unkempt grounds get you the wrong kind of attention, while a polished property catches prospective customers’ notice.

Encourage Customers to Linger

Well-designed and landscaped areas encourage your customers to linger on your property. This is especially great for retail areas, where the longer a customer spends on the property the more money they are likely to spend. Professional landscaping can create beautiful, relaxing spaces where your customers can sit, relax, and gather.

Communicate What’s Inside

A clean and well-kept outside communicates to your customers what they can find inside the building. Commercial lawn care services that keep your green spaces polished show customers that your business pays attention to detail and cares for the little things as well as the big things. An overgrown landscape demonstrates that your brand is not paying attention to the bigger picture.

Gain Curb Appeal

It isn’t just residences that benefit from curb appeal. A beautiful exterior and grounds will draw the eye, increasing your property’s perceived value. Curb appeal adds a dimension of quality to your brand, which encourages customers to choose you over their other options. In a highly-competitive economy, this can make the difference in earning a new customer’s business and getting them to come back. Additionally, curb appeal boost’s your property’s equity, which may help you access capital during a growth phase.

Go Green

Landscaping does more than keep your property looking nice. Strategic planting reduces erosion, improves air quality, and protects water sources. Greater attention to our green spaces can lower the temperatures in cities full of concrete and connect people with nature. Commercial lawn care services preserve and maintain these outdoor spaces to improve a community’s quality overall, and customers notice. Having a reputation as a company that cares about the environment can be beneficial to your overall business strategy, and your landscaping is an easy place to start.

Protect from the Elements

A good landscaper can use plants and trees to protect your building from the elements. Placing trees strategically in front of windows can keep cooling costs down in warm weather. Shrubs and plants can also act as an insulator in areas where it snows, helping to keep snow away from the building.

If your business is in need of landscaping design or maintenance, U.S. Lawns has expert crews in nearly every state to meet all your business’s needs. Find a location near you to get started!

Download our guide to learn some helpful things our professional teams can do to winterize your landscape for the season.

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