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Lawn and landscape companies like U.S. Lawns manage irrigation systems as an important part of their duties. There are many factors involved in maintaining irrigation systems, and inspecting them regularly is key when it comes to keeping your landscape looking great. If you run a commercial property, it’s important that you give your irrigation system the attention it deserves. In this entry, we’ll give you a sneak peek at some of the factors our service providers keep in mind when they attend to commercial irrigation systems.

#1. Regional Differences

Not all irrigation systems can be treated alike. Even similar systems will require very different maintenance depending on the region they’re located in. For instance, an irrigation system in Denver might require weekly maintenance checks while a system in Florida may only need to be inspected once a month. Due to factors like altitude and climate, these systems will have unique needs.

Another important factor lawn and landscape companies keep in mind is humidity. Many people assume that they should water less in the winter than in the summer, but the opposite can be true in southern climates. In some regions, winter can be dry, meaning landscapes should be watered at least the same amount as in the summer even though it appears that grass is growing less.

These are just two examples of regional differences that can have a big impact on how to maintain your irrigation system. U.S. Lawns operates all over the United States, and our service providers have seen it all when it comes to region-specific maintenance. With our expertise, your irrigation system will stay well-maintained year-round.

#2. Smart Irrigation Systems are Becoming Widespread

Many businesses have already made the switch to smart irrigation systems. By using sensors that can measure how wet soil is, these systems automatically shut off when a landscape has been sufficiently watered.

These systems are important for property owners and managers to know about for two reasons. First, they are mandatory in some states. For instance, in New Jersey and Florida, there are ordinances in place that require sprinkler systems to use these sensors. These requirements are in place because of the vast potential of these systems to save water. If it’s been raining, your system will know that it doesn’t need to turn on, saving water. Second, these systems have the potential to save commercial properties money on their water bill. Unlike conventional systems that run on timers, and will continue to water until the allotted time is up, smart irrigation systems will automatically shut themselves off, saving big bucks on water bills.

U.S. Lawns stands out among lawn and landscape companies because of our expertise in smart irrigation systems. Whether you’re looking to have a new system installed or you simply need regular maintenance on the system you already have, our experts have what it takes to maximize the potential of your smart irrigation system.

#3. A Well-Maintained Irrigation System is the Key to a Beautiful Landscape

There are many ways in which an irrigation system can affect your landscape. For instance, if an irrigation system needs to be shut off in the winter, it’s crucial that it is properly prepared beforehand. Even seemingly small problems like a damaged sprinkler head can cause expensive damage to a whole area of your landscape. Many people don’t even realize that their irrigation systems aren’t working properly — they may assume that signs like dry and patchy grass are due to the weather or normal wear, when improper watering is actually the culprit.

Don’t let an under-performing irrigation system ruin your landscape. Lawn and landscape companies like U.S. Lawns can help you to keep your system running great year-round. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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